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Woodside responds to Timor critic

Woodside responds to Timor critic

Updated 18 January 2012, 16:05 AEDT

Yesterday, we spoke to Mandy Whyte, a former Woodside employee, who published an article criticising the way the energy company approached negotiations with East Timor over the Greater Sunrise fields.

She said Woodside had tools at its disposal to better relate to the East Timorese government ad community but wasted opportunities by seeing the Government as problem rather than a partner.

We invited a response from Woodside, and they sent this statement:

"Woodside and its Sunrise Joint Venture participants are committed to progressing the Sunrise LNG Development in a way that provides sustainable long-term benefits to Timor-Leste in the form of opportunities for local participation, employment, training and community development. The Joint Venture continues to work closely with several organisations to deliver a range of social investment projects to deliver sustainable benefits to the health and education of the Timorese. These projects include World Vision's Water for Life program and the Alola Foundation's Maternity Packs and Safe Motherhood program".

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