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Album of the Week

Listen to contemporary and popular Australian musicians play and talk about their latest releases, crafted by Kim Taylor. 


Jen Cloher image

Album Of The Week: In Blood Memory by Jen Cloher

Updated 12 June 2013, 13:54 AEST

Jen Cloher’s stays true to creative vision with the release of her new album ‘In Bloody Memory’.

Owen Campbell image

Album Of The Week: The Pilgrim by Owen Campbell

Updated 4 June 2013, 14:37 AEST

With his second album 'The Pilgrim', Owen Campbell takes us on a musical journey to prove that he's more than just a bluesman.

Hilltop Hoods cover image

Classic Album of the Week 'Left Foot, Right Foot' by Hilltop Hoods

Updated 27 May 2013, 10:46 AEST

Artan Jama, Radio Australia's Breakfast producer tells us why he judges 'Left Foot, Right Foot, by hip hop crew Hilltop Hoods, as a classic Australian album.

Lenka image

Album Of The Week: Shadows by Lenka

Updated 24 May 2013, 10:21 AEST

Lenka has always wanted to record an album that would lull her listeners into a dreamlike state, with 'Shadows' she's done just that.

Mustered Courage

Album Of The Week: Powerlines by Mustered Courage

Updated 14 May 2013, 14:59 AEST

Melbourne outfit Mustered Courage continue to deliver their unique style of bluegrass with the release of album No.2

Oshen image

Album of the Week: In Ex-Isle by O-Shen

Updated 7 May 2013, 14:15 AEST

Papua New Guinea's favourite son releases his fifth album.

Bruce Mathiske image

Album of the Week: My Life by Bruce Mathiske

Updated 23 April 2013, 15:08 AEST

Australian guitar virtuoso Bruce Mathiske proudly releases his 17th album.

blackchords band larger

Album Of The Week: A Thin Line by Blackchords

Updated 15 April 2013, 16:30 AEST

Melbourne four piece Blackchords couldn’t be happier with their new release ‘A Thin Line’.

Midnight Oil 'Earth and Sun and Moon' image

Classic Album of the Week 'Earth and Sun and Moon' by Midnight Oil

Updated 8 April 2013, 14:40 AEST

Radio Australia's Phil Kafcaloudes shares why he rates this Midnight Oil 1993 album as his favourite Australian music release.

Benny Walker image

Album Of The Week: 'Sinners and Saints' by Benny Walker

Updated 26 March 2013, 12:04 AEDT

Benny Walker spent a care free childhood in his birthplace and the ancestral country of his Indigenous grandfather, the Victorian town of Echuca. His childhood was one full of activity, simplicity and much music.

Mama Kin image

Album Of The Week: The Magician’s Daughter by Mama Kin

Updated 18 March 2013, 13:55 AEDT

One of six children Mama Kin grew up in a house filled to the brim with music and musicians. Her Grandfather was a musician, and her mother his assistant, hence the title of the album.

Darky Roots image

Album of the Week: 'Reflections' by Darky Roots

Updated 10 December 2012, 9:15 AEDT

Sunny roots/reggae is on offer with the release of Brisbane outfit Darky Roots new album ‘Reflections’.

bertie blackman image

Album of the Week: Bertie Blackman

Updated 3 December 2012, 8:57 AEDT

Bertie Blackman explores her unorthodox childhood on her new album ‘Pope Innocent X’.

Diafrix image

Album of the Week: Diafrix

Updated 30 November 2012, 16:53 AEDT

Melbourne based, African born Hip Hop duo Diafrix deliver their second studio album ‘Pocket Full of Dreams’

Archie Roach image

Album of the Week: Archie Roach's 'Into the Bloodstream'

Updated 5 November 2012, 9:52 AEDT

Much loved Aboriginal singer/songwriter Archie Roach works through his life and pain with a celebration of song on his new album ‘Into the Bloodstream’.

Paul Kelly image

Album of the Week: Paul Kelly's 'Spring and Fall'

Updated 29 October 2012, 11:54 AEDT

Paul Kelly releases album No. 19   ‘Spring and Fall’.

Kylie Auldist image

Album of the Week: Kylie Auldist

Updated 22 October 2012, 10:13 AEDT

Kylie Auldist, vocalist with The Bamboos, releases her third solo album ‘Still Life’.

Album of the Week: Clare Bowditch

Album of the Week: Clare Bowditch's 'The Winter I Chose Happiness'

Updated 28 September 2012, 11:12 AEST

One of Melbourne’s most admired singer-songwriters, Clare Bowditch releases her fifth album ‘The Winter I Chose Happiness’.

Tim Hart image

Album of the Week: Tim Hart's 'Milling the Wind'

Updated 17 September 2012, 12:14 AEST

Boy & Bear’s drummer Tim Hart releases his debut solo album ‘Milling the Wind’.

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson image

Album of the Week: Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson

Updated 10 September 2012, 10:09 AEST

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson marry music and home life once again to bring us their second album ‘Wreck & Ruin’.

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