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Album of the Week: Bertie Blackman

Album of the Week: Bertie Blackman

Updated 3 December 2012, 8:57 AEDT

Bertie Blackman explores her unorthodox childhood on her new album ‘Pope Innocent X’.

As a young girl and the daughter of famous Australian Painter Charles Blackman, Bertie’s unconventional childhood was full of colour, life and sometimes absurdity. For one with a fertile imagination, it was a perfect environment for the young Bertie.

It’s back to this time, to this part of her childhood that Bertie has returned to in writing the songs for ‘Pope Innocent X’, and she’s called on composer Francois Tetaz to assist.

Bringing to life the stories and imaginings of her childhood through song,  has led Bertie on a process of self discovery and to compliment the songs, she’s included in the CD package a self-penned drawing to accompany each song, as she says ‘to illustrate the record like a story book’.

So, enter the wild and wonderful world of Bertie Blackman as we feature ‘Pope Innocent X’ as our album of the week.


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