Album of the Week: 'Reflections' by Darky Roots | Album of the Week

Album of the Week: 'Reflections' by Darky Roots

Album of the Week: 'Reflections' by Darky Roots

Updated 10 December 2012, 9:15 AEDT

Sunny roots/reggae is on offer with the release of Brisbane outfit Darky Roots new album ‘Reflections’.

The group began in Brisbane as a six piece, a bunch of New Zealand mates just jamming and having a bit of fun. But they soon realised they wanted to take it a little further, so a brass section was added to the line up, and the Darky Roots that we know of today was born.

From the group’s inception the idea was to base their music around a 3 part harmony, a sound and style that comes easily to most of the members of the band due to their shared pacific island background.  And, now with the recent inclusion of female vocalist Amika Terry, the line up is complete and strong.

So if good vibes and reggae rhythms is your want, tune into Radio Australia all week as we feature ‘Darky Roots’ and their new album ‘Reflections’.

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