Album of the Week: Sherry Rich's 'Dakota Avenue' | Album of the Week

Album of the Week: Sherry Rich's 'Dakota Avenue'

Album of the Week: Sherry Rich's 'Dakota Avenue'

Updated 13 August 2012, 10:11 AEST

Ten years ago, Sherry Rich began a musical journey that was to see her songwriting flourish and her emotions tested.

The daughter of 1960s country singer Noelene Rich, Sherry was born to perform, and perform she has.

She’s fronted all-girl rock band ‘Girl Monster’, is one half of a folk rock duo the Grapes, has a side project performing in front of children, and has lead a number of country music bands.

But, one project that’s been a little more difficult to bring to fruition is her new album ‘Dakota Avenue’.

Back in 1997 when Sherry visited Nashville,  she met members of alt-country outfit ‘Wilco’ and formed a special relationship with one member in particular - Jay Bennett. With Jay, she co-wrote a number of tracks, and demoed a number of her other songs in Wilco’s famed loft. The songs, however, were never mixed. Jay Bennett passed away before they had an opportunity to meet again. Sherry was devastated.

But time heals all wounds. The songs from that time, that she kept tucked away in a box under her bed for 10 years, are now ready for us all to hear on her new album ‘Dakota Avenue’.

It’s our Album of the Week this week.


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