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Vanuatu's top cop to face conspiracy charge

Updated 25 November 2014, 17:47 AEDT

Vanuatu's police chief will appear in the country's Supreme Court next week after being charged with conspiracy.

Fears of trouble as Solomon Islands MPs form alliances

Updated 25 November 2014, 11:01 AEDT

Counting is complete and the horsetrading begins in the 2014 Solomon Islands election.

Count complete in Solomon Islands, coalition building begins

Updated 24 November 2014, 17:03 AEDT

Officials from the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission have declared the results of all 50 seats.

China's Pacific push forges links with eight regional countries

Updated 24 November 2014, 12:27 AEDT

China has ended its latest diplomatic push into the Pacific by forming what it calls a "strategic partnership" with eight countries.

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