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Asia Pacific Business

Asia Pacific Business brings you a weekly wrap of finance and corporate news from the Asia Pacific region.


Asia Pacific Business 19 July 2013

Updated 20 July 2013, 11:00 AEST

Glaxo Smith Kline investigated in China; Small start-ups make their pitch for "angel" investors.

Asia Pacific Business 12 July 2013

Updated 13 July 2013, 10:50 AEST

Why a slower China is not a bad thing.

Asia Pacific Business 5th July 2013

Updated 9 July 2013, 13:40 AEST

China launches anti-trust probe into foreign infant milk formula suppliers; K-Mart justifies sourcing from Bangladesh; Chinese built canal for Nicaragua.

Asia Pacific Business 28 June 2013

28 June 2013, 15:44 AEST

Push for Australian carbon tax to be dumped; Myanmar annoints two telecom providers; US imposes import duties on Bangladesh.

Asia Pacific Business 22nd June 2013

Updated 28 June 2013, 18:23 AEST

Inflation rise expected from Indonesia's fuel subsidy cuts; respecting traditional land ownership.

Asia Pacific Business 14th June 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 11:04 AEST

Newcrest in talks with PNG government; support for young Indonesian entrepreneurs; Australian green industry potential.

Asia Pacific Business 7th June 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 11:03 AEST

Myanmar under pressure to balance enconomic growth and poverty reduction at the 2013 World Economic Forum on East Asia.

Asia Pacific Business 31st May 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 11:00 AEST

Good news out of Jakarta for Australian graziers; North Korea experiments with performance-based salaries; and an Australian goat exporter doing big business in China.

Asia Pacific Business 24th May 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 10:59 AEST

Afghanistan says mining laws, anti-corruption and transparency rules will attract investors.

Asia Pacific Business 17th May 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 10:58 AEST

Australia's mining industry and government criticised on transparency record.

Asia Pacific Business 10th May 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 10:57 AEST

East Java rivals Jakarta as a place to do business; Central banks scramble to deal with strong currencies, slowing growth.

Asia Pacific Business 4th May 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 10:55 AEST

East Timor's national oil company; Bougainville and copper; manufacturers leaving China; Kaesong closed perhaps permanently.

Asia Pacific Business 26th April 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 10:54 AEST

Pressure on foreign companies after Bangladesh factory collapse; Chinese companies unfamiliar with Australian laws; ASEAN common market on track.

Asia Pacific Business 19th April 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 10:54 AEST

Rio Tinto shareholders warned of continuing rough times; Australia reels from Europe carbon price collapse; on yer bike in Manila.

Asia Pacific Business 12th April 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 10:53 AEST

Australia-China FTA continues to flounder; currency convertability; Woodside shelves Browse.

Asia Pacific Business 5th April 2013

Updated 22 June 2013, 10:52 AEST

India's generic drug win; China restructures steel industry; rating agencies lose immunity.

Asia Pacific Business 28th March 2013

Updated 30 March 2013, 12:41 AEDT

China's rebalancing challenge: a conversation with Michael Pettis, author of The Great Rebalancing.

Asia Pacific Business 23rd March 2013

Updated 30 March 2013, 12:40 AEDT

Currency wars; commercial arbitration; Lion Air's big deal.

Asia Pacific Business 15th March 2013

Updated 16 March 2013, 10:54 AEDT

BHP-Billiton and Suntech: Big names in trouble.

Asia Pacific Business 8th March 2013

Updated 9 March 2013, 12:07 AEDT

The two sides of doing business between Indonesia and Australia.

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