Asia Review 12th July 2014 | Asia Pacific

Asia Review 12th July 2014

Asia Review 12th July 2014

Updated 11 July 2014, 18:31 AEST

This week on Asia Review - A Jokowi victory in Indonesia likely to be challenged by Prabowo; India's ambitious budget under new PM Modi; Shinzo Abe addresses both houses of the Australian parliament; And protecting the Pacific's unique fauna.

Indonesia's likely new president, Joko Widodo has warned against tampering with ballots, ahead of a final count from this week's disputed election. Both Mr Widodo and his rival, former general Prabowo Subianto, claimed victory, even though early counts gave 'Jokowi' a 4-point-5 percentage point lead.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing his first major test, with the delivery of an ambitious budget this week. Mr Modi's landslide election win in May came with promises of a revitalised economy and one million new jobs a month. But will the BJP succeed in delivering services to the poor, who've been failed by so many governments before?

Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has caused upset among Tamil groups in Sri Lanka, after he failed to meet with them during a brief visit to the northern region of Jaffna. Asia Review understands the Minister only met with the regional governor, a former military general and an appointee of the Sri Lankan government. The Tamil National Alliance says local communities are still hurting in the former war zones.

Also on ASIA REVIEW - Hundreds of scientists from around the world gathered in Fiji this week, to find a solution to the Pacific's notorious record for species extinction.

Researchers believe human colonisation of the Pacific has led to the loss of at least 1000 species of land bird. The Society for Conservation Biology's conference hoped to find stop an even greater decline.

Presenter: Sen Lam


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