Asia Review 15th August 2014 | Asia Pacific

Asia Review 15th August 2014

Asia Review 15th August 2014

Posted 15 August 2014, 15:01 AEST
Welcome to this final edition of Asia Review. It's our last show because our parent programme Asia Pacific has been cancelled by ABC International, after sixteen years on air. This ASIA REVIEW special is dedicated to all the people who've worked on the show.
Sixteen years on air, Asia Pacific came into being at a time of great change in the region. Four weeks after the first show, Indonesia's people removed President Suharto and his New Order regime. A year later, the UN sponsored a referendum on independence for Indonesia-occupied East Timor, leading to the young nation's independence three years later. Asia Pacific alumni Di Martin won a Walkley for her East Timor reporting. She also fell in love...
September 11th 2001 was a pivotal moment in recent memory. It was the day terrorism struck in the most spectacular fashion and brought down New York city's iconic twin towers. Finance correspondent Karon Snowdon was on holiday in Manhattan when the strikes took place. Her journalistic instincts took over, and she filed several firsthand reports for Asia Pacific and ABC Radio. 
If you're lucky, reporting for Radio Australia sometimes meant going to exotic places. Kanaha Sabapathy has long reported for the show. And in 2004, she went to India for general elections, wrapping up the assignment by visiting Kashmir, often described as 'Paradise on Earth'. Kanaha reported on the conservation challenges faced by the breathtaking Lake Dal in Srinagar. 
Asia Review thanks the brilliant Asia Pacific team on Radio Australia for sixteen years of award-winning programming, five evenings a week. Huge thanks also to contributors and the experts, analysts and academics who gave us their time and informative, engaging analysis, so freely and so generously.
Presenter: Sen Lam

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