ASIA REVIEW 2 August 2014 | Asia Pacific

ASIA REVIEW 2 August 2014

ASIA REVIEW 2 August 2014

Updated 1 August 2014, 15:08 AEST

This week on Asia Review: The Philippines get their nationals out of Libya; UN concerns over Myanmar's backtracking on reforms; India's juvenile justice system under review; And the maritime odyssey of the green sea-turtle.

There was a mad scramble this week, as several countries hurriedly transported their workers out of Libya. Among them, was the Philipplines, which has about 13-thousand nationals working in the violence-wracked nation. Observers say the Philippine government left it too late, due in part to poor intelligence, but also migrant workers' reluctance to leave a paying job.

Also this week - the UN's special envoy for human rights has voiced concern that Myanmar's civilian government may be backtracking on democratic reforms, including narrowing the space for public discourse and media reporting. In India, the government is grappling with the vexing issue of juvenile criminals - whether or not they may be tried in the adult criminal justice system. Australia positions itself to be the future 'food bowl' of China, and the marathon of the green sea-turtle - the creature can swim for up to four-thousand kilometres, without a meal break!

Presenter: Sen Lam


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