Australian scientists launch world first experiment | Asia Pacific

Australian scientists launch world first experiment

Australian scientists launch world first experiment

Updated 18 September 2012, 22:03 AEST

Australian scientists have today switched on a world-first experiment.

They are releasing carbon dioxide into a natural gum forest to find out how it will cope as the concentration of the gas in the Earth's atmosphere increases.

At present, there is very little understanding of how natural forests react to increased carbon, even though we're relying on them to act as 'carbon sinks' to offset our growing emissions.

Scientists from the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment call their facilities 'climate time machines', and in this experiment they plan to transport 500 square metres of Australian bush into the atmosphere in the year 2050.

Correspondent: Monique Perrin

Speakers: Dr David Ellworth, principal investigator on the EucFACE experiment; Dr Pep Canadell, Executive director of the Global Carbon Project and Research Scientist with CSIRO's Marine and Atmospheric Research division


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