Australia's spies accused of exaggerating terror threat | Asia Pacific

Australia's spies accused of exaggerating terror threat

Australia's spies accused of exaggerating terror threat

Updated 6 August 2014, 11:24 AEST

Australia's intelligence community has voiced deep concerns about the possibility of a new generation of jihadists emerging in the region.

The concern was raised, as the Australian government pushed ahead with tough new laws to tackle potential home-grown terrorists.

Senior intelligence officials fear fighting in Syria and Iraq could revive the anti-western extremism in Indonesia, that led to the Bali Bombings.

They also expect the threat of Islamist terrorism globally to increase.

Civil liberty groups however, say the spy agencies are exaggerating the likelihood of terror attacks, to get what they want.

Reporter: James Glenday

Speakers: Terry O'Gorman from the Australian Council of Civil Liberties; Dan Tehan, Liberal Party MP and head of Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee; Mark Dreyfus, Australian Opposition MP and former attorney general; Adam Bandt, acting Greens leader

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