Catholic challenge to Philippine family planning law | Asia Pacific

Catholic challenge to Philippine family planning law

Catholic challenge to Philippine family planning law

Updated 4 January 2013, 22:32 AEDT

In just under a fortnight, the Philippines will get its first ever family planning law, which will allow free access to contraceptives, and provide for sex education in schools and family planning training for public health workers.

The Reproductive Health Act was signed last month by President Benigno Aquino, despite strident opposition from the Catholic Church, which has blocked this kind of legislation for more than a decade. The Church promised it would be challenged in the courts - and this week saw the first attempt.

A Catholic couple's filed a petition arguing the Act is unconstitutional. Their lawyer is a legal counsel for the Philippines Catholic Bishops Conference.

Presenter: Corinne Podger

Speaker: Neri Colmenares, co-author of the Reproductive Health Act, and President of the National Union of People's Lawyers


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