Chinese investment in Australian real estate rising | Asia Pacific

Chinese investment in Australian real estate rising

Chinese investment in Australian real estate rising

Updated 11 September 2012, 9:54 AEST

The polarised debate in Australia over Chinese investment was given renewed life last week with the sale of the country's largest cotton farm to a consortium of Chinese and Japanese interests.

There's been less attention on the property sector but there's similar interest in real estate from cashed-up developers.

One major city alone has attracted almost $500 million in the past two years from Asian investors, mainly from China.

Australia's new business visa plus China's cooling property sector are setting the scene for more.

Correspondent: Karon Snowdon

Speakers: Hans Hendrischke, Professor of Chinese Business at Sydney University; Ling Guiru, Economic Counsellor, Chinese Consulate, Sydney; Wallace Wang, property developer and Vice President of the SRE Group, Hong Kong; Eddie Zhou, Chairman, The Australia China Real Estate Association


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