Chinese journalists on strike over censorship row | Asia Pacific

Chinese journalists on strike over censorship row

Chinese journalists on strike over censorship row

Updated 8 January 2013, 22:04 AEDT

Journalists at the Southern Weekly, one of the most respected newspapers in China, have gone on strike in a rare protest against censorship.

The row began last week when the paper's New Year editorial calling for constitutional reform was censored by propaganda officials.

Furious newspaper staff stopped work and demanded the resignation of the propaganda chief in Guangzhou province, where the Weekly is based, and where hundreds of the paper's supporters scuffled with police this afternoon.

The far more conservative Global Times has published an editorial criticising the Weekly, which has been republished in papers across China on the orders of the Communist Party, prompting an outcry on Chinese social media.

Presenter: Corinne Podger

Speaker: David Bandurski, editor, China Media Project, Hong Kong University


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