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Eastern Australia struggling with record flooding | Asia Pacific

Eastern Australia struggling with record flooding

Eastern Australia struggling with record flooding

Updated 29 January 2013, 21:39 AEDT

The Eastern coast of Australia is once again struggling with massive floods.

The water is hitting cities and towns in Queensland and New South Wales, with an estimate that nearly 50 thousand people have been affected, with many of them being forced to evacuate their homes.

In some areas the water has started to drop, but in others, like Bundaberg, the peak water height is yet to be reached.

Correspondent: Campbell Cooney

Speakers: Keith Sorenson, local; Mal Forman, Bundaberg mayor; Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane; Michael Beattie, Grafton local; Peter Kedwell, Fruit wholesaler Brisbane; Ross Farlow, Canefarmer; Kath Timms, Dairyfarmer


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