Final countdown: Reflections from Phnom Penh | Asia Pacific

Final countdown: Reflections from Phnom Penh

Final countdown: Reflections from Phnom Penh

Updated 11 August 2014, 14:11 AEST

Radio Australia is under going a significant restructure of its operations because of government budget cuts.

As part of that process, 'Asia Pacific' is being axed and our final show is on Friday.

To mark its passing after 16 years on air, all this week we're inviting a number of those who've made a significant contribution to the program to take a little time to reflect on their work covering the world's most dynamic region.

Today, we're joined our long-time Phnom Penh-based correspondent, Rob Carmichael.

Presenter: Tom Fayle

Speaker: Rob Carmichael, Phnom Penh-based journalist


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