Freshwater species threatened in Southeast Asia | Asia Pacific

Freshwater species threatened in Southeast Asia

Freshwater species threatened in Southeast Asia

Updated 22 August 2012, 21:53 AEST

A new report is set to increase the pressure on authorities in Laos to halt the development of a controversial dam project.

Last week the Thai developer of the Xayaburi dam confirmed work had restarted on the project despite assurances from the Laos government in July that construction had been stopped.

Now the International Union for Conservation of Nature has released a major survey of freshwater biodiversity in Indo-Burma and found that while it is still relatively healthy, the Xayaburi and other dams planned for the Mekong could cause a dramatic deterioration in bio-diversity in the near future.

Correspondet: Bill Bainbridge

Speaker: Robert Mather, Head of Southeast Asia Group, IUCN Asia

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