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Indian government enters Maldives airport contract row | Asia Pacific

Indian government enters Maldives airport contract row

Indian government enters Maldives airport contract row

Updated 28 November 2012, 21:53 AEDT

In the Indian ocean republic of the Maldives, another political row has erupted, after the government cancelled the islands' largest single foreign investment contract.


In a move certain to be watched nervously by potential investors, the company managing the Maldives international airport has been given seven days to vacate after the government voided its 500 million dollar contract.

The Indian infrastructure firm, GMR says it intends to stay put, the Indian government is unhappy and the Maldives Opposition has accused the government of wrecking the economy.

Correspondent: Karon Snowdon

Speakers: Masood Imad, Media secretary and spokesman for Maldives President Mohamed Waheed; Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, Spokesman for international affairs Maldivian Democratic Party


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