Malaysia bans human rights coalition, COMANGO | Asia Pacific

Malaysia bans human rights coalition, COMANGO

Malaysia bans human rights coalition, COMANGO

Updated 10 January 2014, 12:01 AEDT

Social activists in Malaysia say the government is edging closer to "extremist views" .

..after the Home Ministry made a sudden announcement banning a 54 member human rights coalition, COMANGO.

The group which includes high profile organisations like, Sisters in Islam, Amnesty International Malaysia, Centre for Independent Journalism and Tenaganita have been active participants in the United Nations's Universal Periodic Review or UPR , which assesses human rights condition in member countries.

The ban comes as tensions reignite over the right to use the word Allah in the bible.

Reporter: Kanaha Sabapathy

Speaker: Eric Paulsen, lawyer and co-founder and adviser to Lawyers for Liberty


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