Supermarket giant bans unsustainable tuna | Asia Pacific

Supermarket giant bans unsustainable tuna

Supermarket giant bans unsustainable tuna

Updated 20 December 2012, 21:37 AEDT

For the second time this month, the environmental campaigners, Greenpeace are chalking up a victory in their campaign to end what they call destructive fishing practices.

The Australian supermarket giant Coles has pledged to ban FADs - destructive fish aggregation devices.

The devices attract fish, and make them much easier to catch, but opponents say they also sweep up sharks, rays, baby tuna and endangered turtles, which are are killed unecessarily.

Coles' announcement comes shortly after the important Western Pacific Fishing Commission Meeting in Manila, where delegates agreed to introduce some new laws around tuna fishing in the Pacific.

Interviewer: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Nathaniel Pelle, National Oceans Campaigner, Greenpeace

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