Thatcher's legacy for Hong Kong | Asia Pacific

Thatcher's legacy for Hong Kong

Thatcher's legacy for Hong Kong

Updated 9 April 2013, 21:38 AEST

Baroness Margaret Thatcher, whose death was announced on Tuesday, was widely regarded by British Tories as one of the Conservative Party's greatest leaders.

One lasting legacy of Baroness Thatcher's is the Sino British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law that set the premise for the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

It was perhaps one of the few major issues in which she failed to get her way.

Instead, the Iron Lady succumbed to her chinese counterpart Premier Deng Xiaoping's offer of "one country - two systems".

And as Beijing and the Hong Kong people continue a political struggle over the future direction of the island, some feel they had been shortchanged by Mrs Thatcher.

Correspondent: Kanaha Sabapathy.

Speakers: Willy Lam, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Emily Lau, member of Legislative Council and chairperson of the Democratic Party; Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister


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