US-China relations in Obama's second term | Asia Pacific

US-China relations in Obama's second term

US-China relations in Obama's second term

Updated 7 November 2012, 22:21 AEDT

The race for the White House is over and Barack Obama will serve a second term as US President after his decisive victory over Mitt Romney.

In his victory speech, Mr Obama's focus as you might imagine was on America and Americans, but he also gave a hint of what the rest of the world can expect over the next four years.

First and foremost Barack Obama faces huge problems at home: a massive deficit, a weak economy and high unemployment.

Add to those, Republican control of the House of Representatives and the tarnishing of America's image overseas.

The all important relationship with China in particular continues to pose challenges and how those challenges play out are equally important for both countries, and for the rest of the world.

Correspondent: Karon Snowdon

Speakers: Joseph Cheng, Professor of International Relations, City University, Hong Kong; Helen Ware, Professor of Peace Studies, University of New England; Tony Nash, Managing Director, IHS Consulting, Singapore.

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