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The Asia Pacific program with Sen Lam was broadcast for the final time on August 15,  2014.  Enjoy our content archive.


Struggle for a compromise on impeachment continues

18 July 2001, 21:30 AEST

Leading political figures in Jakarta are making a last ditch effort to broker a compromise that could prevent the impeachment of President Abdurrahman Wahid.

Speculation on Martyr's Ceremony attendance

18 July 2001, 21:30 AEST

Burma celebrates one of its most important national days tomorrow, Martyrs' Day, which marks the 1947 assassination of independence hero General Aung San, the father of current opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Civil protests planned

18 July 2001, 21:30 AEST

In the midst of Indonesia's political crisis, a group of influential citizens have had enough of the power stuggles.

Asian Development Bank forecasts gloomy

18 July 2001, 21:30 AEST

The economic downturn in Asia looks set to get worse.

Japan under attack over whaling policy

18 July 2001, 11:59 AEST

Japan's poor image on the sensitive issue of whaling has taken a new battering, with a surprising admission from a top official.

Kyoto Protocol under threat due to US intransigence

18 July 2001, 11:59 AEST

As 180 nations gather in the West German city of Bonn to rescue the ailing KYOTO protocol designed to reduce world greenhouse gases, U-S president George W-Bush has once again made it clear that the world's biggest polluting country will not sign the treaty.

Oceans campaigner not surprised by Japanese whaling revelations

18 July 2001, 11:59 AEST

Greenpeace says the Japanese government official's revelations are not surprising-- but it IS suprising that he made them.

Beyond the Agra summit

17 July 2001, 20:40 AEST

In both India and Pakistan, there's frustration, disappointment and a good deal of finger pointing over the failure of the two countries' leaders to make real progress at their landmark summit.

Violence mars end of Awami League Government

17 July 2001, 20:40 AEST

The chief administrator of the interim caretaker government in Bangladesh, has called for calm as he and his advisers prepare the ground work for elections which are due to be held within the next three months.

The US unfazed by China and Russia Treaty of Friendship

17 July 2001, 20:40 AEST

Chinese President Jiang Zemin and Russian President Vladimir Putin have signed their first post-Soviet friendship treaty in Moscow.

Australia releases official history of its role

17 July 2001, 20:40 AEST

Australia has released an official history of its diplomatic role at the time of East Timor's independence vote in 1999.

Mahathir now the longest-serving reional leader

17 July 2001, 20:26 AEST

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad completes 20 years in power today, making him the longest-serving ruler in Asia.

Opposition enters parliament despite presidential ban

17 July 2001, 20:17 AEST

In Sri Lanka opposition parliamentarians have forced their way into the parliament defying an order from the president barring them from the building.

ADB forced to independent review of its policies

17 July 2001, 20:16 AEST

A small fishing village in Thailand has forced the Asian Development Bank to undergo an independent review of its policies.

Kashmir talks with Pakistan collapse

17 July 2001, 20:13 AEST

There were high hopes and encouraging signs when India and Pakistan began their first summit in two years in the town that's home to the Taj Mahal -- Agra.

University lecturers seek better prospects overseas

17 July 2001, 13:43 AEST

A Monash University study in Melbourne has confirmed that Australia is suffering an exodus of academics.

Media coverage of murder 'homophobic'

17 July 2001, 13:36 AEST

In Fiji, accusations are flying over media coverage of the murder of the country's Red Cross Director John Scott and his partner earlier this month.

Work on Alice to Darwin rail link begins

17 July 2001, 13:36 AEST

In Australia's red centre, work starts today on the Alice Springs to Darwin rail link.

Unscheduled fourth meeting of leaders

16 July 2001, 20:41 AEST

The conflict in Kashmir has been the main topic of the historic meeting between the leaders of India and Pakistan with Pakistan's President Musharraf proposing a three-stage mechanism to end the 50 year conflict.

Indonesian troops shoot at random in Aceh

16 July 2001, 20:41 AEST

The death toll from the Indonesian military's crackdown on separatist rebels in Aceh has topped the one-thousand mark, with four men killed and two boys injured over the weekend.

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