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The Asia Pacific program with Sen Lam was broadcast for the final time on August 15,  2014.  Enjoy our content archive.


Vietnamese journalists form independent union

Updated 29 July 2014, 11:56 AEST

Vietnam ranks as one of the worst countries for media freedom, due to censorship, surveillance and imprisonments.

Australia says new asylum seeker arrivals face possible return to India

Updated 28 July 2014, 12:21 AEST

The first group of asylum seekers to make the Australian mainland since December has arrived at the remote Curtin detention centre in Western Australia.

Vietnam, Australia to compare notes on human rights

Updated 28 July 2014, 12:22 AEST

Over the next three days in Hanoi, Australian and Vietnamese officials will be sitting down to discuss human rights.

Thai military imposes interim constitution

Updated 28 July 2014, 12:22 AEST

The Thai military has released a draft constitution which entrenches its power and enshrines amnesty for all past and future military actions.

Fiji's Forum membership to be decided after September poll

Updated 28 July 2014, 12:16 AEST

Fiji's membership of the Pacific Islands Forum will be discussed at this week's summit meeting in Palau.

Asia, Europe gathering sidelined by MH17 events

Updated 28 July 2014, 12:15 AEST

When foreign ministers and officials from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations paid a flying visit to Brussels last week, the timing could not have been worse.

Green sea Turtle (Credit: R.D Kirkby & B.S Kirkby)

Green sea turtles set marine animal migration record

Updated 28 July 2014, 12:27 AEST

Green sea turtles have swum the longest distance in marine animal migration, according to a new study.

Tee from the Service Workers In Group Foundation at AIDS 2014

Asia Review 26th July 2014

Updated 25 July 2014, 15:24 AEST

This week on Asia Review: Radio Australia was a prominent part of the 1,000 strong media contingent at AIDS 2014. Of 36 million people affected by HIV worldwide, almost five million are in the Asia Pacific region.  

The mounting human cost of preparing for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Updated 25 July 2014, 11:47 AEST

International criticism of the treatment of foreign workers in Qatar has prompted the government to announce some improvements.

Foreign support for Indian NGOs under government scrutiny

Updated 25 July 2014, 11:46 AEST

India's new government has moved to restrict foreign funding for the local chapters of non-government activist groups.

Flight MH17: AIDS conference delegates among plane crash victims

Cambodia's HIV efforts approaching a crossroads

Updated 25 July 2014, 16:14 AEST

Latest estimates say there are 36 million people worldwide affected by HIV, almost five million of the them in the Asia-Pacific.

Disabled struggle to find recognition in HIV and AIDS community

Updated 25 July 2014, 11:46 AEST

Disability advocates attending the global AIDS 2014 conference say their campaign is being ignored.

William Edward “Billy” Sing

Honouring the Chinese ANZACS

Updated 25 July 2014, 17:37 AEST

The contribution of Chinese Australians who served in World War One is being honoured at a museum in the centre of Melbourne.

Sen Lam at AIDS 2014 with guests James Chau, UNAIDS Goodwill ambassador for China

Stepping up the pace in the fight against HIV and AIDS

Updated 25 July 2014, 9:20 AEST

Despite much progress around the globe, prejudice against those living with AIDS and HIV remains a major barrier to controlling the spread of the disease.

Faith healing replacing medication for HIV in PNG

Updated 24 July 2014, 16:24 AEST

Australia's near neighbour Papua New Guinea is a deeply Christian society.

Harnessing the power of the PNG private sector for public good

Updated 24 July 2014, 16:25 AEST

PNG's biggest oil producer, Oil Search, has poured millions of dollars into health campaigns to combat HIV Aids in Papua New Guinea.

Doctor Zaw Min Oo, from the Burnet Institute Myanmar program at AIDS 2014

Breaking down barriers to better HIV education, treatment in Myanmar

Updated 24 July 2014, 17:08 AEST

A joint Australian-Myanmar team is working with police in Myanmar to educate the force about socially-marginalised groups such as men who have sex with men.

Overcoming barriers to better HIV testing in the Philippines

Updated 24 July 2014, 16:27 AEST

The number of HIV cases in the Philippines has been on a steady increase since 2007 and fears about HIV AIDS have not abated.

Nic Holas, Australian writer and activist with Delma Yeki, PNG HIV educator and advocate speaking with Asia Pacific at AIDS 2014

Positive living in the 21st century: panel

Updated 24 July 2014, 17:03 AEST

A panel discussion highlighting the experience of two people, one from Australia and the other from Papua New Guinea, about the challenges of living with HIV in the 21st century.

China AIDS rights

Positive China still facing a tough battle, despite change for the better

Updated 24 July 2014, 16:46 AEST

China may have a low prevalence of HIV in the world, but new infections are rising among students and men who have sex with men.

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