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Sri Lankan asylum seekers may face more weeks at sea

Updated 9 July 2014, 12:13 AEST

More than 150 Sri Lankan asylum seekers face the prospect of weeks in limbo on the high seas, while the Australian High Court decides their fate.

Japan and Australia declare an era of closer relations

Updated 9 July 2014, 12:14 AEST

For the first time in a friendship spanning over fifty years, the Prime Minister of Japan has addressed a joint sitting of the Australian Parliament.

Philippine government and MILF iron out differences over Bangsamoro document

Updated 9 July 2014, 12:15 AEST

The Philippines government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front are again meeting in Malaysia for talks to resolve differences over the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law.

ANZ Bank dumps Cambodia customer PP Sugar

Updated 9 July 2014, 12:17 AEST

The ANZ Bank has ended its relationship with the Cambodian company, Phnom Penh Sugar, in a case which observers say demonstrates the challenges of operating in some developing countries.

Australia and Japan cement defence and trade ties

Updated 8 July 2014, 11:36 AEST

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in Australia for the first visit by a Japanese leader in seven years.

Papua New Guinea market

PNG's ambitious plan for indigenous business

Updated 9 July 2014, 10:58 AEST

The Papua New Guinea government is developing an ambitious plan to help locals go into business by reserving large areas of the economy exclusively for indigenous entrepreneurs.

Indonesia elections ballot boxes

Indonesia prepares to vote in new president

Updated 8 July 2014, 12:37 AEST

As Indonesia prepares to vote in a new president tomorrow, foreign investors are banking on a favourable result.

Australian Court blocks return of asylum seekers to Sri Lanka

Updated 8 July 2014, 11:37 AEST

The Australian Government has suffered a setback in its hardline approach to asylum seekers.

Returned Sri Lankan asylum seekers face torture

Updated 8 July 2014, 11:38 AEST

Emily Howie is the Director of Advocacy and Research at the Human Rights Law CentreShe recently spent several months in Sri Lanka preparing a report "Can't Flee, Can't Stay - Australia's Interception and Return of Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers"Reporter: Alison CarabineSpeaker: Emily Howie, Director of Advocacy and Research, Human Rights Law Centre .

China intensifies security in Xinjiang province

Updated 8 July 2014, 11:41 AEST

Xinjiang in China's west is feeling the full weight of the country's security might.

Prabowo to improve Australia ties if he wins presidency

Updated 7 July 2014, 12:43 AEST

The campaign team behind Indonesia's Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto says a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a priority, if he wins this week's election.

Indonesians vote in Sydney

Updated 7 July 2014, 12:44 AEST

Here in Australia, experts say there's no way to forecast the winner, although Indonesia's expatriate voters are quite clear who they want to lead their nation.

Papua activists try to raise awareness among Indonesian voters

Updated 7 July 2014, 12:44 AEST

In Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory, voters were met with protestors at the gate of the Consulate when they went to cast their vote.

Sri Lanka not safe for asylum returnees, says Colombo rights lawyer

Updated 7 July 2014, 12:46 AEST

The Australian Government has confirmed forty-one asylum seekers on board one of two boats intercepted by Border Protection have been processed at sea and returned to Sri Lanka.

Cleaning up public transport in Manila, beginning with jeepneys

Updated 7 July 2014, 15:56 AEST

Manila's iconic jeepneys could soon become a thing of the past.  Electric shuttles will soon replace them as the city's main form of public transport.

UNESCO bid to protect Pacific cultural diversity

Updated 7 July 2014, 12:47 AEST

UNESCO is calling on Pacific nations to sign the 2005 Convention on Cultural Diversity to help protect the hundreds of unique cultures in the region.

Museum director Kong Vireak (left) stands with stone restoration workshop team members Ham Seiha Sarann (centre) and Khom Sreymom.

ASIA REVIEW 5 July 2014

Updated 4 July 2014, 15:01 AEST

This week on Asia Review - Japan's revision of its wartime pacifist constitution raises eyebrows in the region; Drought prediction in the Asia Pacific given a boost by Indian and Chinese satellites; And Cambodia retrieves its stolen cultural heritage.

China and South Korea strike entente cordiale in uncertain times

Updated 4 July 2014, 11:53 AEST

South Korea and China have confirmed their resolve to stop the nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

Can India US relations rise above spying allegations?

Updated 4 July 2014, 11:52 AEST

India is demanding an explanation from the United States over claims the country's secret agency spied on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's political party before it came into power.

Chinese and Indian space satellites help region's drought forecasting

Updated 7 July 2014, 12:16 AEST

A United Nations initiative is strengthening drought monitoring and early warning in the Asia Pacific region, with the help of China and India.

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