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The Asia Pacific program with Sen Lam was broadcast for the final time on August 15,  2014.  Enjoy our content archive.


Calls to cut drug funding to nations with anti-homosexual laws

Updated 21 July 2014, 16:44 AEST

Thousands of delegates from 200 countries gathered for the Opening Ceremony of the International AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne on Sunday.

World AIDS Day rally in Jakarta, 2010 (photo from flickr by nSeika)

Indonesia lifting anti-HIV game, says health minister

Updated 21 July 2014, 14:27 AEST

Indonesia's Health minister says the nation's response to HIV and AIDS is heading in the right direction.

HIV lessons from Mississippi Baby setback

Updated 21 July 2014, 12:28 AEST

Where HIV and AIDS is concerned, the science is rarely settled.

Business must fill emerging gap in agriculture development, food aid.

Updated 21 July 2014, 12:41 AEST

As foreign aid budgets come under pressure, the head of the world's largest humanitarian organisation has called on business to help fill the gaps.

Kate Montecarlo Cordova

Asia Review 19th July 2014

Updated 18 July 2014, 18:58 AEST

This week on Asia Review: MH17 - Malaysia's second major air disaster in four months; A pro-Gay constitutional challenge playing out in Singapore's courts; And AIDS2014 - Melbourne plays host to 14-thousand delegates from 200 nations.  

MH17: Malaysian PM demands perpetrators 'brought to justice'

Updated 18 July 2014, 13:09 AEST

For the second time this year, Malaysia is reeling from the loss of a passenger plane in extraordinary circumstances.

Malaysia in shock over second air tragedy

Updated 18 July 2014, 13:10 AEST

Muslim-majority Malaysia is observing Ramadan, and many who woke for the breaking of fast, only got the news a few hours ago.

Australia's PM expresses sorrow over MH17 tragedy

Updated 18 July 2014, 13:11 AEST

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he's very concerned about initial reports about what happened to the plane, and if a missile did bring it down it would be an "unspeakable crime".

Cambodian police detain more opposition MPs

Updated 18 July 2014, 13:08 AEST

Police in Cambodia have arrested two more opposition members of parliament on insurrection charges.

Prof Sharon Lewin

Melbourne prepares to host world's biggest AIDS Conference

Updated 18 July 2014, 13:12 AEST

The 20th International AIDS Conference which opens in Melbourne this weekend has been described as "a meeting of everyone affected by HIV" and more.

Post-typhoon clean up begins in Philippines

Updated 17 July 2014, 13:13 AEST

A clean up is under way in the Philippines after the battering inflicted by Typhoon Rammasun.

Legal moves afoot in Singapore to overturn gay sex ban

Updated 17 July 2014, 12:52 AEST

A constitutional fight is under way in Singapore to overturn laws banning gay sex.

Outrage AIDS Film Festival 2014, July 18-21. Curated by Edwin J Bernard (HIV Justice Network) and ACMI. (Credit: Outrage AIDS Film Festival 2014)

Film Festival of Outrage - HIV stories with a human face

Updated 17 July 2014, 19:32 AEST

In the lead up to the AIDS 2014 global conference hosted by Melbourne next week, 10 powerful films will be screened over three nights.

Australia hosting dialogue in Tonga to support Pacific women

Updated 17 July 2014, 12:51 AEST

Australia is hosting a Pacific gathering this week aimed at boosting the influence of women in all aspects of government.

Business leaders gather to prepare G20 wishlist

Updated 17 July 2014, 12:51 AEST

The G20 has been getting down to business in Sydney.

Power, communications hit as typhoon batters Philippines

Updated 16 July 2014, 14:02 AEST

Thousands of people in the Philippines have fled their homes, as the strongest typhoon so far this year, made landfall.

Thai repatriation threat sparks fear among Myanmar exiles

Updated 16 July 2014, 14:17 AEST

A Thai military plan to deport around 100,000 people living on the Thai-Burma border has created a sense of fear among refugees and human rights groups.

Cambodian opposition MPs detained amid Phnom Penh protest violence

Updated 16 July 2014, 13:57 AEST

Three members of Cambodia's opposition party have been detained after a peaceful protest turned violent in the capital Phnom Penh.

New laws will undermine Cambodia's judiciary, say critics

Updated 16 July 2014, 13:57 AEST

Three long-awaited laws that regulate key aspects of Cambodia's judiciary are set to be signed into law after being passed by parliament.

Higher taxes key to cutting Pacific smoking rate

Updated 16 July 2014, 13:57 AEST

More details have been released about the World Health Organisation's ambitious drive to create a Tobacco Free Pacific by 2025.

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