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Jeffrey Kitingan

Malaysia's 'Allah' ruling is religion politicised - Kitingan

Updated 24 June 2014, 18:40 AEST

Malaysia's highest court has dismissed a bid by Christians the right to use the word 'Allah'.

Malaysia's human rights body urges government to tackle human trafficking

Updated 24 June 2014, 14:11 AEST

Malaysia and Thailand have rejected a US State Department report listing them as among the worst countries in terms of addressing human trafficking.

Hong Kong agitates for fuller autonomy under Basic Law

Updated 24 June 2014, 13:21 AEST

An unofficial referendum in Hong Kong on democratic reform has drawn more than 700-thousand votes.

Condemnation of Egyptian decision on Greste and colleagues

Updated 24 June 2014, 13:20 AEST

There has been international condemnation of the court decision in Egypt, which handed jail terms to three journalists, including Australian Peter Greste.

Egyptian court's decision on Al Jazeera unexpected

Updated 24 June 2014, 13:20 AEST

Sue Turton, a spokeswoman for Al Jazeera in Doha, was one of those tried in absentia and sentenced to 10 years.

Understanding China more deeply: Ambassador Adamson

Updated 24 June 2014, 13:19 AEST

A free trade agreement, investment in agriculture and mining, and safe food.

Anti-Lynas protest in Malaysia as mining licence renewal looms

Updated 23 June 2014, 13:19 AEST

An estimated one thousand people picketed the Lynas rare earths plant in Pahang state on Sunday, in a fresh bid to have it shut down.

PNG prime minister urged to submit himself to due process

Updated 23 June 2014, 13:20 AEST

Papua New Guinea's suspended police prosecutor says the prime minister should be subjected to due process like every citizen.

Indonesian presidential hopefuls debate foreign policy

Updated 23 June 2014, 13:24 AEST

Australia's been accused of being distrustful and even fearful of Indonesia, during a debate between the two men vying for president.

Crackdown on suspected Uighur activists in China's Xinjiang region

Updated 23 June 2014, 13:25 AEST

China has launched a major crackdown on what it says are Muslim terrorist groups in the western region of Xinjiang.

Asia Review 21st June 2014

Updated 20 June 2014, 19:36 AEST

This week on Asia Review - Cambodian exodus - why migrant workers are leaving Thailand in droves; Questions over PNG leader O'Neill's scrapping of the anti-corruption squad; Australia rethinks foreign aid; And updating Islamic universities in Indonesia.

PNG's political crisis far from resolved

Updated 20 June 2014, 11:10 AEST

The fall-out continues in Port Moresby after this week's dramatic events which included the prime minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O'Neill's move to disband the anti-corruption squad: Task Force Sweep.

PNG PM O'Neill's closure of anti-corruption squad questioned

Updated 20 June 2014, 11:10 AEST

A former PNG acting National Court Judge Nemo Yalo is calling for the leaders in PNG to act responsibly and put the national interest ahead of their own personal interests and political aspirations.

Indonesian President's public relations boost for Bainimarama

Updated 20 June 2014, 11:11 AEST

The second summit of Fiji's "Pacific Island Development Forum" has begun, with guest of honour, Indonesia's President giving the opening address.

US to send 300 military advisors to Iraq

Updated 20 June 2014, 11:12 AEST

The United States is sending up to 300 military advisors to help Iraq stave off the insurgents who've been bearing down on the capital, Baghdad.

Concerns in parliament over Australian immigration bills

Updated 20 June 2014, 11:12 AEST

Australia's Parliamentary Human Rights committee has raised concerns about a series of bills proposed by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

telephone number

Criminals prey on Japan's elderly

Updated 20 June 2014, 13:21 AEST

Each day, about thirty elderly people in Japan are being cheated of their live savings.

Afghanistan poll in doubt as Abdullah Abdullah cries foul

Updated 19 June 2014, 12:49 AEST

In Afghanistan, leading presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah has demanded an immediate stop to vote-counting, alleging widespread fraud.

Papua New Guinea's political turmoil deepens

Updated 19 June 2014, 12:47 AEST

There's growing political turmoil in Papua New Guinea, as Prime Minister Peter O'Neill continues to fight a warrant for his arrest.

PNG's sacked Attorney General says he wasn't told

Updated 19 June 2014, 12:46 AEST

Another man sacked by Prime Minister O'Neill from the PNG cabinet is Attorney-General Kerenga Kua.

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