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Killer drought takes grip in Pakistan's Sindh Province

Updated 14 March 2014, 13:12 AEST

Two government ministers in Pakistan's Sindh province have been sacked, together with the local relief commissioner over their handling of the response to a severe drought.

Aussie farm boy performs the Hajj - an account by Nicholas Hughes

Updated 14 March 2014, 13:27 AEST

Performing the Hajj, or the pilgrimage to Mecca, is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Aussie lifesavers teaching Indians to swim

Updated 14 March 2014, 13:10 AEST

Despite having access to thousands of kilometres of coast, many Indians don't know how to swim.

Nauru chief justice quits, saying position untenable

Updated 13 March 2014, 12:47 AEST

Nauru's Chief Justice, Australian Geoffrey Eames has resigned two months after his visa was revoked by the Nauru government.

Search zone widened for vanished flight MH370

Updated 13 March 2014, 12:47 AEST

Malaysian authorities are struggling to cope with what's fast becoming one of the most puzzling mysteries in aviation history.

China ramps up dispute with Philippines in South China Sea

Updated 13 March 2014, 14:51 AEST

The Philippine navy is reported to have air-dropped food and water to soldiers on a grounded transport ship, after Chinese patrol vessels blocked its supply ships last weekend in the South China sea.

Australia sees drop in Chinese investment, amid falling prices

Updated 13 March 2014, 12:47 AEST

Australia suffered a 10 per cent fall in direct investment from China last year at a time when Chinese companies were spending more overseas.

Fresh and sustainable development models needed

Updated 13 March 2014, 13:03 AEST

India's rush towards development has come at a cost.

Fiji's mounting dengue epidemic

Updated 12 March 2014, 13:39 AEST

Fiji's Health Minister, Neil Sharma, is warning that the dengue fever epidemic in his country could continue for several more months, without an intensive clean-up operation targeting mosquito breeding grounds.

Rohingya camps facing dire conditions after medical pullout

Updated 12 March 2014, 13:50 AEST

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar still lack health care two weeks after the government ordered the international medical charity MSF to leave Rakhine State.

Myanmar Opposition pushes for constitutional change

Updated 12 March 2014, 13:40 AEST

The Opposition National League for Democracy in Myanmar is stepping up its push for further constitutional change, with an appeal for international backing.

Interpol all but rules out terrorism in MH 370 disappearance

Updated 12 March 2014, 13:41 AEST

The mystery is deepening over the midair disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

UN highlights multi-trillion dollar cost of 'double malnutrition'

Updated 12 March 2014, 15:54 AEST

The United Nations says global costs linked to malnutrition could be as high as three and half trillion dollars a year in direct health spending and lost productivity.

Australia chips into Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Updated 12 March 2014, 13:42 AEST

High above the Arctic circle, buried in the remote mountainous Norwegian island of Spitzbergen is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

India's disabled mobilise for better deal

Updated 12 March 2014, 15:57 AEST

The Indian government is under growing pressure to improve the lot of the country's millions of disabled.

Malaysian authorities investigating false passport holders

Updated 11 March 2014, 12:57 AEST

The sudden disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 3-70 to Beijing en route from Kuala Lumpur has still not been explained, as search and rescue teams continue their efforts to locate the missing aircraft.

Human traffickers fuel false passport trade

Updated 11 March 2014, 13:37 AEST

The missing Malaysian Airlines flight captured world headlines, and while terrorism has not been confirmed, it is known that two passengers were travelling on false passports.

Fresh doubt cast over Maldives election

Updated 11 March 2014, 14:36 AEST

Just days away from parliamentary elections, Maldives Supreme Court has sacked the Election Commission's President and his deputy.

More effort needed to ensure rice production meets growing demand

Updated 11 March 2014, 12:55 AEST

So important is rice to the well-being of the world, the United Nations has published a strategy for its management.

Is the Asia Pivot under review?

Updated 11 March 2014, 14:38 AEST

The US Obama administration has rushed to reaffirm its commitment to a stronger engagement with Asia, after senior US defence official told a Congressional hearing that budget cuts to the Pentagon meant that the so-called "Asia Pivot" can't happen.

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