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Foreign policy a key issue in presidential election

16 December 2002, 19:04 AEST

Foreign policy has been thrust into the limelight in the last stages of the campaign.

Two candidates lead race in presidential election

16 December 2002, 19:04 AEST

Seven candidates are standing for this weekend's presidential election in South Korea.

Muslims protest at attacks after bombings

16 December 2002, 15:28 AEST

Australia's police have been called on to rethink their relationship with the Muslim community.

HKers protest against loss of religious & political freedoms

16 December 2002, 15:28 AEST

In numbers greater than organisers anticipated, protesters have taken to the streets of Hong Kong to voice mounting concern that freedoms long enjoyed there are under growing threat from Communist China.

with Sen Lam, Saturday 07/12/02

13 December 2002, 19:13 AEST

INDONESIA: Aceh peace agreement a significant step.

Prime Minister backs away from pre-emptive strike comments

13 December 2002, 19:07 AEST

Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard, has backed away from his threat of pre-emptive strikes at Muslim terrorists in Southeast Asia.

Language academics argue the need for Asian studies

13 December 2002, 19:07 AEST

Later this month, the Australian government will deliver the results of a review into how best to teach foreign languages in primary and secondary schools.

US-Sino security talks herald new era of cooperation

13 December 2002, 19:07 AEST

China has expressed satisfaction with the first high level security talks since the Bush administration took office.

Renewed anger over closure of Australian embassy

13 December 2002, 10:52 AEST

The Philippines government has renewed its attack over the closure of the Australian embassy in Manila.

Crisis over Nth Korea threat to restart nuclear program

13 December 2002, 10:52 AEST

North Korea has plunged relations with Washington into a serious new crisis, and infuriated neighbours Japan and South Korea with the announcement that it will reactivate its mothballed nuclear plants because Washington is suspending oil shipments to the communist state.

Developed world urged to help countries of first asylum

12 December 2002, 20:24 AEST

The United Nations refugee agency, the UNHCR, has initiated discussions with countries in the Asia Pacific region on comprehensive measures to manage the movement of refugees and asylum seekers.

Rising tension over North Korean missiles and US approach

12 December 2002, 20:24 AEST

South Korea's government is calling an emergency security meeting in response to North Korea's announcement a short time ago that it will reactivate its nuclear weapons programme immediately.

Refugees forced into sub-standard workplaces in Thailand

12 December 2002, 20:24 AEST

Reports from the Thai-Burmese border say as many as a hundred ethnic Shan refugees are flooding into Thailand daily to escape continuing abuses by the Burmese military.

Red Cross to help trace 19 still missing in Bali

12 December 2002, 20:24 AEST

Three months after the Bali bombings, the families of 19 Indonesian nationals - missing presumed dead - are still waiting for some kind of closure to the terrorist attacks.

oeCD accuses Tokyo of failing to address economic problems

12 December 2002, 20:24 AEST

The head of the developed-economy forum, the oeCD, says Japan's economic ills have been diagnosed but Tokyo has failed to administer the cure.

Economic fallout from Bali bombing less than anticipated

12 December 2002, 10:41 AEST

The doom and gloom predicted for Australians wanting to do business in South East Asia after the Bali attacks in October doesn't seem to have come true.

Trade talks in danger of stalling

12 December 2002, 10:41 AEST

While HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria epidemics continue to ravage Third World communities, and farmers in developing countries continue to bang their heads against import barriers in the developed world, trade talks aimed at easing their lot are in danger of stalling.

UK security made mistake over risk to citizens

12 December 2002, 10:41 AEST

A British parliamentary committee on Intelligence and Security, has said that the security agency MI5 made serious misjudgements in assessing the risk to British citizens in Bali prior to the bomb attacks.

North Korean scud missile ship bound for Yemen

12 December 2002, 10:41 AEST

An embarrassed Bush administration has been forced to release a ship loaded with fifteen scud missiles bound for Yemen.

Analyst calls for campaign to win Muslim hearts and minds

11 December 2002, 20:37 AEST

A top Australian defence analyst has called for a billion dollar campaign to fight terrorism by winning the hearts and minds of Muslim communities in Southeast Asia.

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