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New book depicts harsh reality of women

23 September 2002, 10:17 AEST

The harsh reality of Chinese women's lives is the subject of a new book, The Good Women of China.

with Sen Lam; Sat 20 September

20 September 2002, 21:44 AEST


Court ruling upholds rights of exiled senior military figure

20 September 2002, 20:56 AEST

Over two years have passed since the dramatic coup which led to the overthrow of Fiji's democratically elected government.

Criticism of criminal justice system after executions

20 September 2002, 20:56 AEST

In Japan this week, two convicted murderers were put to death - just nine months after the country's last execution.

Election-related violence in Kashmir

20 September 2002, 20:56 AEST

There have been more election-related casualties this week in the Indian Jammu and Kashmir.

Li Peng's visit revives memories of Tiananmen Square

20 September 2002, 20:56 AEST

The number two man in the Chinese Communist Party, Li Peng, is winding up a week-long tour of Australia -- a visit marking the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Restricted opening of Australian embassy in Dili

20 September 2002, 20:56 AEST

In a statement broadcast on the Arab broadcast Al-Jazeera television last November, Osama bin Laden accused what he described as "crusading Australian forces" of separating East Timor from Indonesia and the Islamic world.

New US law linked to Freeport killings

19 September 2002, 20:48 AEST

A prominent Australian scientist, who spent many years doing research in Papua and in neighbouring Papua New Guinea, says he believes the killings last month at the US-owned copper and gold mine, Freeport, will be a turning point in already strained relations between the United States and the Indonesian military.

Apparent US reluctance to expand ISAF

19 September 2002, 20:48 AEST

The US State Department has released a report to Congress which dampened US support for expanding the international security force in Afghanistan, known as ISAF.

Central bank move shocks markets

19 September 2002, 20:48 AEST

The credibility of Japan's Central Bank is under the spotlight the day after it shocked the markets by saying it will buy stocks from banks for the first time.

Junta jails 83 military members for treason

19 September 2002, 20:48 AEST

Burma watchers were stunned by the news earlier this year that four members of the former military strongman and dictator Ne Win's family had been arrested, and would be tried for treason for their involvement in an alleged coup attempt.

Arrested academic speaks from Aceh police station

19 September 2002, 20:48 AEST

An Australian academic who's still being questioned by Indonesian police in the northern province of Aceh has spoken to the ABC from the bathroom of the police station.

Climate model shows grim future for ocean life

19 September 2002, 9:44 AEST

Australian researchers have just completed the first climate model predicting the world's weather thousands of years into the future which shows warm areas will get hot, cold areas freezing and there'll be more extreme environmental disasters.

Growing concern over possible US strike on Iraq

18 September 2002, 20:53 AEST

Two predominantly Muslim nations have welcomed Iraq's offer to allow unconditional inspections of suspected weapons facilities.

Pressure mounts for explanation on North Korean abductions

18 September 2002, 20:53 AEST

Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi's groundbreaking visit to North Korea has been overshadowed by Pyongyang's admission that it abducted at least eleven Japanese citizens in the 1970s and 1980s.

Talks end on a high note

18 September 2002, 20:53 AEST

Both sides in Sri Lanka's civil war have hailed three days of peace talks in Thailand as a success.

Challenging recommendations from education panel

18 September 2002, 20:53 AEST

In Singapore, a government sponsored panel has recommended radical changes to the city-state's education system to establish it as a global hub for higher learning.

Calls for measures to boost worldwide prices

18 September 2002, 20:53 AEST

Coffee - one of the world's most traded commodities - is still suffering a downturn after a collapse in the coffee price in 1997.

Kim Jong Il makes concessions

18 September 2002, 8:00 AEST

Iraq is not the only member of George W Bush's so-called "axis of evil" working to restore its international image.

Rebels and Government talk peace

18 September 2002, 8:00 AEST

The possibility of war against Iraq has all but overshadowed the growing prospects for peace in one of the world's longest running conflicts, the 18 year civil war in Sri Lanka.

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