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Presidential campaign between two candidates

25 November 2002, 19:57 AEST

The Presidential campaign in South Korea is now down to a two-horse race.

Islamic militants blamed for the killing of 40 people

25 November 2002, 19:57 AEST

A spate of bloody attacks in Indian Kashmir over the weekend has left more than 40 people dead and scores more injured.

Doubts cast on JI links to Thailand's Muslim minority

25 November 2002, 19:57 AEST

Australian and Indonesian authorities claim they have evidence that the suspected mastermind of the Bali bombings Imam Samudra, is part of a Southeast Asian network of terrorists.

Suicide bomber theory gains credence

25 November 2002, 16:52 AEST

The man believed to have been at the head of the Bali bombing cell has opened up to Indonesian police - confessing to his role in the attack and revealing that the first of the two bombs was delivered and detonated by a suicide bomber.

New hopes raised on possible Khmer Rouge trials

22 November 2002, 19:24 AEST

In Cambodia there has been a mixed reaction to the news that the United Nations is to re-enter negotiations to establish a special court to try former Khmer Rouge leaders.

with Peter Mares, Saturday 23/11/02

22 November 2002, 19:24 AEST

INDONESIA: Cautious response to talk of a peace deal in Aceh.

Reports of illegal paramilitary force

22 November 2002, 19:24 AEST

Police in Solomon Islands have accused the government of secretly training and equipping an illegal paramilitary force.

Panel looks at constitutional models from around the world

22 November 2002, 19:24 AEST

The recent peace deal struck between the Sri Lankan government and separatist Tamil Tiger guerrillas, has halted a war that has claimed more than 60,000 lives.

Pop music provides relief from serious problems

22 November 2002, 19:24 AEST

Burma is usually associated with political repression, lack of freedom and a deep economic crisis.

New prime minister welcomed as a 'cool customer'

22 November 2002, 19:24 AEST

Pakistan has its first civilian prime minister in three years.

Arrest of alledged mastermind of bombings

22 November 2002, 11:08 AEST

The man alleged to have masterminded the October 12 Bali bombing is in Indonesian police custody.

Military ties with US resumed

21 November 2002, 20:14 AEST

The United States has announced it will resume military contact with China.

UNHCR uses iris recognition machines to screen Afghan refugee

21 November 2002, 20:14 AEST

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is using 21st century technology to combat a growing problem of fraud amongst returning Afghan refugees.

International schools refuse to open

21 November 2002, 20:14 AEST

In Jakarta, three leading international schools have announced they'll remain closed for another week after foreign embassies warned they were at risk of a terrorist attack.

Musharraf ally elected Prime Minister

21 November 2002, 20:14 AEST

Pakistan has a new prime minister, Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, has been elected prime minister by the new parliament.

Refocus on Iraq as troops withdrawn from Afghanistan

21 November 2002, 20:14 AEST

Australia has announced it's withdrawing its military force from Afghanistan, underlining the need for the international community to tackle Iraq.

NBA selects China Basket ball star

21 November 2002, 10:49 AEST

In China he's an emerging sports superstar.

CHINA:US to resume military to military ties

21 November 2002, 10:49 AEST

Military to military contact between the United States and China is to be resumed.

Growing optimism over possible Aceh peace deal

20 November 2002, 20:23 AEST

There are hopes of an end to hostilities in one of Southeast Asia's longest running wars.

Calls for a rethink of immigration policy

20 November 2002, 20:23 AEST

There's been a mass exodus of illegal migrant workers in Malaysia, following the introduction of tough new penalties.

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