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Tokelau islands want independence fron NZ

28 August 2002, 8:41 AEST

The Tokelau Islands, in the South Pacific barely register as a speck on charts.

US wants bigger role in peace talks

27 August 2002, 20:21 AEST

The Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tiger rebels are negotiating conditions ahead of their much-anticipated peace talks in three weeks' time.

New regulations on exports fo missile technology

27 August 2002, 20:21 AEST

After years of urging from the United States, China has finally introduced regulations to curb exports of missile related technology.

Claims that psychiatry being used against political dissidents

27 August 2002, 20:21 AEST

China has rejected allegations it's using psychiatric hospitals to detain political dissidents, following plans by the World Psychiatric Association to send a mission to investigate.

Greenpeace pessimistic on UN Earth Summit

27 August 2002, 20:21 AEST

The environmental organisation Greenpeace says it's becoming increasingly pessimistic about the chances of achieving any real progress on energy and climate change at the UN Earth Summit.

Concern over Malaysia's crackdown on illegal workers

27 August 2002, 20:21 AEST

Malaysia's crackdown on illegal immigration is continuing to send shockwaves throughout the region, but especially in the two countries most affected, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Health crisis after volcano

27 August 2002, 13:01 AEST

In Papua New Guinea, there are fears of a growing health crisis after a volcano that's forced more than 15-thousand people to leave their homes.

100 days of independence

27 August 2002, 13:01 AEST

It's the usual pattern for new nations -- euphoria at the realisation of goals after a long struggle, disappointment, even anger at just how complex and difficult the longer term task is.

Secrets of prisoners of war experiments revealed

27 August 2002, 13:01 AEST

Today, a Tokyo Court will decide a case that has been more than half a century in the making.

Companies concerned over Indonesian labour costs

26 August 2002, 20:29 AEST

Foreign business groups in Indonesia say growing labour costs are starting to bite.

Date set for 16th Party Congress

26 August 2002, 20:29 AEST

China says its 16th Communist Party Congress in November will turn a "new page" in Chinese history.

Disagreement over terms of peace talks in Aceh

26 August 2002, 20:29 AEST

Indonesia's troubled province of Aceh may see an escalation in conflict, if the government and separatist rebels fail to agree on conditions for peace talks.

New book outlines crime and corruption

26 August 2002, 20:29 AEST

Papua New Guinea is in an economic tailspin because of years of junketing, greed, sloth, sheer incompetence and outright corruption.

One year after Tampa, refugee policy still controversial

26 August 2002, 20:29 AEST

A Burmese community leader in Melbourne says Australia's treatment of refugees is going against the promotion of multicultural diversity and making it harder for those seeking asylum here.

Pakistani national accused of people smuggling

26 August 2002, 8:37 AEST

Hasan Ayoub is a name unfamiliar to most Australians.

Flood waters recede around Dongting lake

26 August 2002, 8:37 AEST

In China, authorities are confident they can contain rising floodwater that's now threatening more than ten million people.

Asylum seekers celebrate new life

26 August 2002, 8:37 AEST

A year ago today, the Norwegian Freighter Tampa steamed into an international incident when it rescued 433 asylum seekers drifting off the north west coast of Australia.

with Sen Lam; Sat 24 August

23 August 2002, 21:14 AEST


Cracks down on Burmese dissidents

23 August 2002, 20:23 AEST

There's growing consternation in Thailand that the government is doing all it can to woo neighbouring Burma.

Leader visits Russia

23 August 2002, 20:23 AEST

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has begun talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the far-eastern Russian city of Vladivostok.

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