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Melbourne takes baton for Commonwealth Games

5 August 2002, 11:16 AEST

This year's Commonwealth Games has come to an end, with an impressive total of 206 medals for Australia, exceeding the total of 198 at the previous games in Kuala Lumpur.

Crisis over controversial police appointment

5 August 2002, 11:16 AEST

In Vanuatu, the controversy over the appointment of the new police commsioner has led to a day of drama in the capital Port Vila.

Caretaker leader withdraws candidacy

5 August 2002, 11:16 AEST

In Papua New Guinea, the newly elected parliament will meet today to elect a prime minister.

Growing interest in cinema

2 August 2002, 20:34 AEST

Since the fall of former president Suharto in 1998, Indonesian cinema has been enjoying a rennaissance.

Asia Pacific nations fare well

2 August 2002, 20:34 AEST

At the Commonwealth Games, Asia Pacific countries are doing quite well, contrary to western media reports which have been obsessing with domination of the medal tally by Australia, England and Canada.

Bilateral anti-terrorism pact signed with Australia

2 August 2002, 20:34 AEST

Malaysian foreign minister Syed Hamid Albar in Kuala Lumpur a short while ago, after meeting his Australian counterpart, Alexander Downer.

Proposed constitutional reforms under fire

2 August 2002, 20:34 AEST

Students have been protesting outside Indonesia's annual People's Assembly meeting today.

President warns of crackdown on separatists

2 August 2002, 10:17 AEST

Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri has warned there would be no quick fixes to the country's problems, but promised she would work hard.

Detention Centres used as deterrent, Ruddock

2 August 2002, 10:17 AEST

Refugee advocates have seized on a comment from the Australian Immigration Minister, Philip Ruddock, that asylum seekers in detention are a deterrent to would-be unauthorised arrivals.

Australian swimmer disqualified

2 August 2002, 10:17 AEST

The halo hanging above the heads of the Australian swimming team slipped a little overnight.

Expands indirect links to mainland

1 August 2002, 20:33 AEST

Taiwan has extended another olive branch to China, with the expansion of indirect links and the lifting of a 50-year ban on direct investment in the communist mainland.

The South prepares for talks about talks

1 August 2002, 20:33 AEST

North Korean Foreign Minister Paek Nam-sun has said he's confident the stalled dialogue between the North and the US will now restart following his "coffee-diplomacy" with U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell at the ASEAN Regional Forum.

Opening of People's Consultative Assembly

1 August 2002, 20:33 AEST

Indonesia's President Megawati Sukarnoputri has addressed the nation's peak legislature, the People's Consultative Assembly, on the anniversary of her first year in power.

Government capitulates on madrassas law

1 August 2002, 20:33 AEST

In Pakistan, the Muslim clergy seems to be winning its campaign against reform of its religious schools or madrassas.

Ombudsman tries to retrieve election funds

1 August 2002, 20:33 AEST

Papua New Guinea's principle anti-corruption body, the Ombudsman Commission, is attempting to retrieve about four million dollars from MPs who have lost their seats in the current elections.

NORTH KOREA; Cup of coffee signals change in US relations

1 August 2002, 12:07 AEST

In the first face to face meeting between the US and North Korea since the Bush administration, US Secretary of State Colin Powell sat down for a cup of coffee with his North Korean counterpart in Brunei.

Immigration Minister defends detention centres

1 August 2002, 12:05 AEST

The Federal Government says its policies reflect Australia's sovereign right under international law to determine who enters the country's borders, who is allowed to stay and how they are removed.

UN delivers scathing report on detention centres

1 August 2002, 12:05 AEST

The UN Human Rights Commissioner has delivered a scathing assessment of Australia's treatment of asylum seekers in detention.

PM tries to hang on despite election battering

1 August 2002, 12:05 AEST

Sir Mekere's Party, the People's Democratic Movement, has been trashed at the ballot box -- with just one in five M-Ps retaining their seats and nearly all the cabinet wiped out.

Prime minister vows to retain his position

31 July 2002, 20:17 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, says the current elections show how dangerously PNG as a country is living.

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