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Islamic community concerned over impact of ban

28 October 2002, 15:04 AEST

Australia's Islamic community is cautious after the listing of JI as a terrorist organisation.

Criticism of creative cigarette promotion

25 October 2002, 20:41 AEST

New methods being used by tobacco companies to promote cigarette smoking have been criticised by the World Health Organisation.

How significant are the militant supporters of Ba'asyir?

25 October 2002, 20:41 AEST

In the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta, hundreds of supporters of the embattled islamic leader Abu Bakar Ba'asyir have rallied to demand that he be cleared of any involvement in the terrorist bomb blasts in Bali.

Limited fallout from the Bali bombings

25 October 2002, 20:41 AEST

Singapore could have been shaken by the Bali bomb blasts which brought the threat of terrorism to its backdoor.

Australian inquiry hears of millions spent on ghost employees

25 October 2002, 20:41 AEST

An Australian Senate Inquiry has been told the Papua New Guinea Government is paying ghost employees millions of dollars each year while at the same time it's losing tens of millions of dollars in court cases which it is not even contesting because it hasn't got the lawers to put up even the most simple defence.

Changes predicted at APEC leaders summit

25 October 2002, 20:41 AEST

Asia Pacific leaders are gathering in Mexico for a summit, starting tomorrow, which will on focus terrorism and regional stability rather than APEC's traditional economic issues.

with Sen Lam; Sat 26 October

25 October 2002, 20:33 AEST


JI religious leader still in hospital

25 October 2002, 9:33 AEST

While Indonesian and Australian police are yet to make any formal link between the group and the Bali bombs, there are already hints that the attack could be the work of JI's wanted operational leader Hambali.

Al Qaeda trained in Australia:ASIO report

25 October 2002, 9:33 AEST

Meanwhile Australia's top domestic intelligence agency has confirmed the defence minister's revelation that the government has known that al-Qaeda trained operatives, and possibly operatives of Jamaah Islamiyah, are in Australia.

Aid for ailing tourism industry

25 October 2002, 9:32 AEST

In the wake of the bombing and travel warnings from most western nations not to visit Indonesia, the once booming tourist mecca Bali, is struggling.

Plans for a strategic review for the post-Bali era

24 October 2002, 19:39 AEST

The Australian Government has announced a series of counter-terrorism measures, following the Bali bombings that killed about 90 Australians.

President criticised for leaving the country

24 October 2002, 19:39 AEST

As Indonesia's President Megawati Sukarnoputri heads for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Mexico, the nation is left wondering who is leading the country's fight against terrorism.

Women assess the likely impact of Islamic swing

24 October 2002, 19:39 AEST

Leaders of Pakistan's Islamic parties are holding key talks tonight, to decide whether to enter a governing coalition or sit in opposition, in the country's first parliament in three years.

ASIA:Tobacco companies fight for hold in region

24 October 2002, 10:04 AEST

As more than 150 nations wind up a ten day meeting to put the finishing touches on an international treaty to regulate tobacco products, the tobacco industry has been accused of trying to undermine the effort.

Claims more terrorist attacks planned

24 October 2002, 10:00 AEST

There's evidence more attacks similar to the Bali bombings are already being planned.

Flores tension a symptom of troubled archipelago; Report

24 October 2002, 10:00 AEST

There are fears that the Indonesia is facing a period of increasing instability with worrying signs of tensions on the predominantly Catholic island of Flores.

Nth Korean asylum seekers use Mongolia as exit route

24 October 2002, 10:00 AEST

Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have fled hunger and repression over the past few years, seeking uncertain asylum in China.

Audience discussion at special public forum

23 October 2002, 21:09 AEST

The audience at tonight's special public forum, convened in the wake of the Bali bombings on October 12, gives its response to the implications for Indonesia, Islam, and Australia.

The future of Islam and politics in Indonesia

23 October 2002, 17:35 AEST

The bomb attack on the Sari nightclub in Bali's Kuta Beach district nearly two weeks ago has been interpreted as an attack on the West in general, and on Australia in particular.

How much was known prior to Bali attack?

23 October 2002, 11:39 AEST

More questions have been raised today about whether Australia knew prior to the October 12 attack in Bali, that an assault on Australians was looming.

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