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The Asia Pacific program with Sen Lam was broadcast for the final time on August 15,  2014.  Enjoy our content archive.


Ban on Papuans adds to doubts about value of Forum

7 August 2001, 20:48 AEST

Just one day after banning a senior regional journalist from attending next week's Pacific Islands Forum, the government of Nauru has refused visas for four West Papuans, representatives of the Free Papua movement.

Gvt finally approves Bougainville peace package

7 August 2001, 20:10 AEST

After weeks of deliberation, the Papua New Guinea Cabinet has given in-principle approval to the Bougainville peace package - but warned that there will need to be some modifications to the final text.

Papuans say their cause will be discussed at Forum

7 August 2001, 20:10 AEST

A West Papuan representative says he is not upset by Nauru's decision to revoke visas, and asserts that it will not prevent the West Papua issue from being discussed at the Pacific islands Forum.

Court allows evidence over interrogation of ISA detainees

7 August 2001, 19:43 AEST

Malaysia's Opposition has won the first round of a legal battle against the detention of five members without trial, ter the nation's top court agreed to admit new evidence in their appeal hearing.

East Timorese children detained on Java island

7 August 2001, 13:07 AEST

An East Timorese activist, who's still loyal to Jakarta, has been accused of abducting eight children from an Indonesian orphanage -- as United Nations' staff prepare to return the children to their parents in East Timor.

Call for condoms for travellers

7 August 2001, 12:50 AEST

AIDS groups in Australia are calling on the Federal government to provide travel agents and doctors with free condoms to distribute to young Australians planning to travel overseas, after evidence that young travellers are ignoring anti-AIDS safe-sex advice.

Village militias to be armed after Muslim beheadings

6 August 2001, 19:46 AEST

The Philippines military says it will arm local village militias on the southern island of Basilan, following more killings by Abu Sayyaf muslim rebels over the weekend.

Little known of group targetted by Mahathir

6 August 2001, 19:46 AEST

So what do we know of the Kumpulan Mujahiddin Malaysia, the group Dr Mahathir claims has intentions of committing violence including the overthrow of his government? Is it a cult group like the Al Aqram and the Al Ma'unah groups which have already been forcibly broken up by the government, with many of their leaders jailed? Of is the latest crackdown a government manouvre to counter the growing popularity of the opposition party Islam se Malaysia, or PAS.

Breakaway 'New Labour Party launches 'unity' campaign

6 August 2001, 19:46 AEST

"We have gone past some very difficult period.

Pacific Forum credibility down after ban on Pacific reporter

6 August 2001, 19:46 AEST

The credibility of the annual meeting of the leaders of the sixteen nations that make up the Pacific Islands Forum has been dealt another blow.

Praise for Megawati's expansion of Timor prosecutions

6 August 2001, 19:46 AEST

Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri has issued broadened the mandate of special human rights courts set up to prosecute crimes against humanity in East Timor.

Fresh detentions further strain ties with aid community

6 August 2001, 16:12 AEST

In Afghanistan, the ruling Taliban regime has again asserted its religious authority, by arresting eight foreign aid workers -- including an Australian -- who're members of the Christian relief organisation 'Shelter Now International'.

Labour party re-invents itself

6 August 2001, 16:12 AEST

In Fiji, election campaigning among the 26 parties has reached fever pitch.

Opposition says ISA detentions an act of desperation

6 August 2001, 16:12 AEST

Malaysia's Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says eight people arrested under the Internal Security Act intended to commit violence.

Compensation payouts create disharmony

5 August 2001, 7:14 AEST

The Solomon Islands Government has begun distributing compensation money to victims of the ethnic war on Guadalcanal.

Australia blames Timor for gas pipeline failure

4 August 2001, 12:36 AEST

The political fallout continues from Philips Petroleum's shock announcement that it will indefinitely defer the 1.

Blair disappointed at China's claim of 'containment' policy

4 August 2001, 12:36 AEST

The top US military commander in the Asia-Pacific has expressed disappointment at Chinese claims of a new American policy to contain China.

Historian predicts limited Khmer Rouge trials

4 August 2001, 12:36 AEST

Cambodia and the UN are gearing up for what could be their final round of talks on how to establish a joint trial of Khmer Rouge leaders on genocide charges.

Pyongyang plays the Russia card

4 August 2001, 12:36 AEST

The North Korean leader is making a historic visit to Russia, further rebuilding the political and economic links that suffered so badly after the collapse of Soviet communism.

Analyst says Australia should be wary of too close links

4 August 2001, 12:36 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has echoed Admiral Blair's views, stessing that the US plan to link its key alliances in Asia "is not directed at China".

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