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The Asia Pacific program with Sen Lam was broadcast for the final time on August 15,  2014.  Enjoy our content archive.


Deal struck with UN over Afghan refugees

3 August 2001, 19:48 AEST

Thousands of Afghans living in squalid refugee camps along the Pakistan border face a somewhat less uncertain future after a breakthrough deal between the UN and Islamabad.

Prime Minister innocent of graft charges

3 August 2001, 19:48 AEST

Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has been found inocent of charges of corruption.

Car industry facing downturn across the region

3 August 2001, 19:48 AEST

The agony of waiting for Adelaide car workers is over with the announcement by Japan's Mitsubishi Motors to keep its two manufacturing plants open - for now.

US military calls for improved space technology

3 August 2001, 19:48 AEST

The most senior official in the United States airforce believes the US needs to develop space technology capable of attack as well as defence.

Calls for freedom of speech

3 August 2001, 19:48 AEST

In its first annual report to parliament Malaysia's government appointed Human Rights Commission has called upon the government to allow for greater freedoms of expression.

Historian predicts limited Khmer Rouge trials

3 August 2001, 15:16 AEST

Cambodia and the UN are gearing up for what could be their final round of talks on how to establish a joint trial of Khmer Rouge leaders on genocide charges.

Taliban/US meeting in Pakistan

3 August 2001, 15:13 AEST

US Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca is today due to meet Afghanistan's Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, Ambassador Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef.

Industrial shadow over Australian PM's visit

3 August 2001, 12:06 AEST

Australia's Prime Minister John Howard is set to meet Japan's prime minister and foreign minister today, on a visit to Tokyo that is hoped to improve relations, and lead to a trade and investment accord.

Mitsubishi workers fear jobs future

3 August 2001, 12:06 AEST

One of the three-and-a-half thousand Australian workers whose future hangs on the outcome of Prime Minister John Howard's visit to Japan is 41-year-old Steve Meyers.

High-profile dress-code case fails

3 August 2001, 12:06 AEST

For months, New Zealand has been gripped by the story of Christine Rankin -- the senior public servant sacked for wearing short skirts and big earrings.

MP admits tax rort weakening economy

2 August 2001, 20:33 AEST

A former senior Solomon Islands minister claims a tax remissions scandal is weakening the country's already fragile financial system.

Fighting poverty with IT and distance education

2 August 2001, 19:38 AEST

Australia has pledged $200-million to fight poverty with information techonolgy and distance education, as part of a $1.

Australia called on to aid fight against logging corruption

2 August 2001, 13:20 AEST

The environmental group Greenpeace has called on the Australian Government to do more to help Papua New Guinea stamp out corruption in the country's logging industry.

Pyongyang plays the Russia card

2 August 2001, 13:15 AEST

The North Korean leader is making a historic visit to Russia, further rebuilding the political and economic links that suffered so badly after the collapse of Soviet communism.

Australia blames Timor for gas pipeline failure

1 August 2001, 20:12 AEST

The Australian government is urging East Timor to back down in its dispute with Philips Petroleum over the financial arrangements for the Timor to Darwin gas pipeline.

Constitution blamed for divisions in society

1 August 2001, 19:43 AEST

In a staggered electoral process, the people of Fiji will begin to cast their votes over two weeks from August 25.

Country ready for Indian PM, says Chaudhry

1 August 2001, 19:43 AEST

Fiji's deposed Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry says Fijians are ready to accept an Indian as a prime minister.

Analyst says Australia should be wary of too close links

1 August 2001, 19:43 AEST

China's official media has condemned United States plans to link its three key bilateral defence alliances in the Asia Pacific region.

Limited logging to go ahead after increase of forestries

1 August 2001, 19:43 AEST

The Thai Government is claiming an environmental victory, saying for the first time ever in the country's history, forest coverage is increasing rather than shrinking.

Blair disappointed at China's claim of 'containment' policy

1 August 2001, 19:43 AEST

The top US military commander in the Asia-Pacific has expressed disappointment at Chinese claims of a new American policy to contain China.

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