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The Asia Pacific program with Sen Lam was broadcast for the final time on August 15,  2014.  Enjoy our content archive.


Talks reveal push for new regional security dialogue

1 August 2001, 16:20 AEST

Annual alliance talks between the United States and Australia have revealed differences over the control of biological weapons, and a claimed harmony of views on Indonesia.

American company defers pipeline project

1 August 2001, 12:25 AEST

The American oil and gas producer Phillips Petroleum has announced a multi billion dollar gas pipeline project from the Timor Sea to the Australian port city of Darwin has been deferred indefinitely.

Arroyo calls in Ombudsman to investigate her family

1 August 2001, 12:21 AEST

In an unusual move Philippines, President Arroyo has brought to the attention of the country's Ombudsman an alleged case of corruption in which her husband Mike Arroyo is named.

Sadness that Speight is standing for parliament

1 August 2001, 10:10 AEST

A prominent civil society organisation in Fiji says a decision to allow George Speight and two associates to contest elections later this month, has made a laughing stock of the country and its judiciary.

Leadership tired of calls to say sorry

31 July 2001, 19:48 AEST

As a storm gathers in Asia over the Junichiro Koizumi's plan to visit the Tokyo Shrine to Japan's war dead, a senior Japanese foreign policy expert says the country is tired of apologising for the Pacific war.

Rising jobless sees rising homelessness

31 July 2001, 19:48 AEST

There are more than 3.

Praise after Dr Li allowed back to teach

31 July 2001, 19:48 AEST

Human rights groups have praised Hong Kong authorities for allowing a US scholar to return to the territory despite a conviction for spying in China.

Ethnic conflict with Naga people in north-east may re-ignite

31 July 2001, 13:00 AEST

India's battle to contain separatist fighters in the divided state of Kashmir often makes international headlines, but in the country's isolated northeast a longer running war is also festering and now looks set to re-ignite.

Top defence analyst argues new alliance talks 'natural'

31 July 2001, 12:48 AEST

In a move likely to raise the ire of China, Japan and the United States are talking about establishing a new strategic dialogue group.

the nation's constitutional challege

31 July 2001, 12:48 AEST

With the writs for an election issued and a constitutional challenge now underway, the people of Fiji are set to cast their votes from August 25 under the auspices of the 1997 multi-racial constitution.

Government welcomes GM report

31 July 2001, 12:48 AEST

In New Zealand, after 10,000 submissions, 15 public hearings and 14 months of investigation, a Royal Commission on genetic modification has given the controversial science a cautious go ahead.

Greens criticise Royal Commission GM report

31 July 2001, 12:48 AEST

The New Zealand government may be happy enough with the outcome of the Royal Commission, but for the New Zealand Green Party it is a major disappointment.

Koizumi again promises pain before gain

31 July 2001, 12:34 AEST

Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi says he has a clear mandate to follow through on tough economic reforms.

Defence talks with US reveal differences

31 July 2001, 12:34 AEST

Annual alliance talks between the United States and Australia have revealed differences over the control of biological weapons, and a claimed harmony of views on Indonesia.

Lee Teng-Hui supporters to form new party

30 July 2001, 14:58 AEST

Taiwan will have a new political party tomorrow when the Taiwan Solidarity Union registers itself.

Qantas determined with Air NZ proposal

30 July 2001, 14:32 AEST

Qantas meanwhile, says it's determined to press ahead with its plans to buy 25% of Air New Zealand.

Singapore rejects Qantas plan to buy Air New Zealand

30 July 2001, 14:30 AEST

Singapore Airlines says it won't allow a plan proposed by Qantas for Air New Zealand to go ahead.

Annual defence talks with US in Canberra

30 July 2001, 14:28 AEST

Australia's defence and foreign ministers sit down with their U-S counterparts today at the start of their annual ministerial meeting in Canberra today.

INDONESIA:President Megawati breaks ice with Australian PM

30 July 2001, 11:31 AEST

Indonesia's new president, Megawati Sukarnoputri and Australian prime minister John Howard have begun to establish a new basis for Australian-Indonesian relations.

Documents reveal scam operation

30 July 2001, 11:31 AEST

Documents obtained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have revealed the high pressure tactics used to sell shares "cold calling" telephone sellers based in Bangkok.

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