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Ann Romney wows Republican convention

Ann Romney wows Republican convention

Updated 30 August 2012, 15:03 AEST

It's been a stormy week for the Republicans in the US, literally, as Tropical Storm Isaac forced a 24-hour delay in proceedings at the party convention in Tampa, Florida, where Mitt Romney has been anointed as the official challenger to President Barack Obama.

Prior to the convention, there was a political storm over Senate-candidate Todd Akin's hugely controversial remarks on rape, when he suggested what he called "legitimate rape" was unlikely to lead to pregnancy.

Some commentators have described the incident as an unmitigated disaster for the Republicans.

Mitt Romney has urged Mr Akin to step aside, while attempting to distract attention perhaps by appearing on TV with his wife Ann for some cosy fireside chats.

And Mrs Romney has gone on to wow the convention with a stirring speech.

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Speaker: Tom Switzer, editor of Spectator Australia, research associate at the University of Sydney's US Studies Centre

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