Anti-Islam video ignites free speech debate | Connect Asia

Anti-Islam video ignites free speech debate

Anti-Islam video ignites free speech debate

Updated 19 September 2012, 16:31 AEST

World leaders have spent the last week condemning the anti-Islamic film "The Innocence of Muslims" and in many cases, Governments can't do much more.

In the U.S, where the film was made, the right to freedom of speech is carefully guarded. As yet, its unclear whether the film maker has actually broken any laws.

But Internet giant Google has gone one step further. Late last week, the company blocked the YouTube video, but only in Libya and Egypt.

Correspondent: Madeleine Genner

Speakers: Timothy Wu, Columbia University law professor; Jillian C York, Director for International Freedom of Expression, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Andrew McLaughlin, Former Director of Global Public Policy. Google


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