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Anti-whaling activists launch Operation Zero Tolerance | Connect Asia

Anti-whaling activists launch Operation Zero Tolerance

Anti-whaling activists launch Operation Zero Tolerance

Updated 12 November 2012, 15:55 AEDT

The anti-whaling campaign is under way, and this year, activists from the environmental campaign group Sea Shepard say they won't tolerate a single whale being killed.

Commercial whaling is banned under an international treaty but Japanese whalers are able to get around that by killing whales for what they say are "scientific research purposes".

Each year, the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society has a fleet of campaigners at sea trying to stop Japanese boats harpooning whales.

One of those anti-whaling boats is the Steve Irwin, which is right now at an undisclosed spot in international Pacific waters.

Presenter: Fran Kelly

Speaker: Captain Siddharth Chakravarty, on board the anti-whaling boat, Steve Irwin

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