Asylum seeker recounts 'very dangerous' boat journey | Connect Asia

Asylum seeker recounts 'very dangerous' boat journey

Asylum seeker recounts 'very dangerous' boat journey

Updated 18 July 2013, 16:55 AEST

The latest boat sinking off Christmas Island has once again highlighted the risks asylum seekers are prepared to take to come to Australia.

The Australian Government is looking to tighten processing requirements for so-called "economic refugees", while Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says asylum seeker arrivals have become a "national emergency".

But can any changes staunch the flow of boat arrivals, with more than 15,000 asylum seekers arriving this year?

Alison Carabine speaks to two asylum seekers; one who has already made it by boat to Australia and another who is in Indonesia hoping to raise enough money to pay a people smuggler.

Presenter: Alison Carabine

Speaker: Mohammed ' Babu' Ali, asylum seeker in Bogor, Indonesia; Mohammad Reza, Hazara asylum seeker

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