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Australia offers aid boost for Myanmar's Rakhine state

Australia offers aid boost for Myanmar's Rakhine state

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:38 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr has offered Australian support in efforts to end the Myanmar's long-running ethnic conflicts.

Ethnic violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state has led to the deaths of more than 190 people and left 140,000 others homeless.

Senator Carr has met President Thein Sein and other senior officials in Yangon to discuss investment and aid.

He has announced Australia will boost its total aid contribution to Rakhine to $9 million.

Senator Carr says $3.2 million will go to helping people displaced by sectarian unrest.

Last year Australia was one of the first countries to ease sanctions against the former pariah state in reward for its sweeping political changes.

Australia's Ambassador to Myanmar Bronte Moules, who is accompanying Senator Carr during his two-day visit, says the government remains committed to supporting Myanmar's democratic reform.

Presenter: Waleedy Aly

Speaker: Bronte Moules, Australia's Ambassador to Myanmar

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