China's leaders bombarded by calls for reform | Connect Asia

China's leaders bombarded by calls for reform

China's leaders bombarded by calls for reform

Updated 6 November 2012, 15:55 AEDT

China's leaders have been called on to pursue stalled economic and political reform just days ahead of the national Party Congress due to start on Thursday.

The latest criticism of unmet promises comes from a commentary piece written by Hu Deping the son of a former Communist party chief Hu Yaobang.

As the old leadership makes way for the new under Xi Jinping who will succeed Hu Jintao, China's facing the challenges of a slower economy, ongoing corruption and internal party dissent.

Correspondent: Karon Snowdon

Speaker: Professor David Goodman from Sydney University's Chinese Studies Centre and Professor of Social History at Nanjing University; Professor Xueliang Ding, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


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