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Hollywood bows to power of Chinese market

Hollywood bows to power of Chinese market

Updated 10 May 2013, 14:27 AEST

Iron Man 3 was released in China last week and audiences in the country are enjoying a special Chinese version.

It features extra sequences shot in China, expanded roles for 2 well-known Chinese actors and some bizarre product placement.

This is not the first time an adjustment like this has hit the Chinese market. In the most recent James Bond film, Skyfall, a scene depicting the sex trade in the Chinese territory of Macau was altered, and a scene in which a Chinese security guard is assassinated was reportedly thrown out altogether.

China is now the world's second biggest film market by box office revenue, so is this Hollywood's new commercial reality?

Presenter: Joanna McCarthy

Speaker: Rance Pow, President of the Asia film consultancy Artisan Gateway

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