Hong Kong police ready for conflicting protests | Connect Asia

Hong Kong police ready for conflicting protests

Hong Kong police ready for conflicting protests

Updated 1 January 2013, 11:45 AEDT

A third of Hong Kong's police force and hundreds of marshalls will try to keep the peace as protesters hit the streets for and against the chief executive.

It's expected tens of thousands of demonstrators from eight groups will join rallies. Concerns about security have escalated after two TV journalists were attacked by demonstrators at a pro-government rally on Sunday. Among the main issues are greater freedom from Beijing, universal voting rights by 20-17 and questions about the integrity of chief executive Chun-Ying Leung.

Presenter: Kanaha Sabapathy

Speakers: Prof David Zweig from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Emily Lau, chair, opposition Democratic Party of Hong Kong



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