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Maldives' Govt denies Nasheed, embassy deal

Maldives' Govt denies Nasheed, embassy deal

Updated 25 February 2013, 16:18 AEDT

After a tense stand-off, Maldives' former president Mohamad Nasheed has left the Indian embassy, ten days after taking refuge there.

His party says he left after an Indian envoy won assurances from authorities that he'd be free to campaign for elections in September, although the Maldivian government denies such a deal.

Mr Nasheed won the first free elections in the Maldives in 2008 but was ousted last year following a mutiny by police and troops in what he later called a coup.

He had been holed up at the Indian mission since an arrest warrant was issued for his failure to attend court on charges he says are politically motivated.

Presenter: Liam Cochrane

Speaker: Velezinee Aishath, a former member of the Judicial Services Commission, outspoken democracy activist, author of the book, 'The Failed Silent Coup: In defeat they reached for the gun'


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