No 'easy solution' to China, Japan maritime dispute | Connect Asia

No 'easy solution' to China, Japan maritime dispute

No 'easy solution' to China, Japan maritime dispute

Updated 27 February 2013, 15:35 AEDT

Australia's defence white paper, due later this year, will be released at time when the political and strategic environment is far more complicated than at most times in the recent past.

Some of those complications are the subject of intense analysis in government departments and private think-tanks.

They include implications for the entire region of renewed tensions over a series of maritime disputes between China and its neighbours and the US pivot to Asia announced by Barack Obama in 2011.

Lord Michael Williams is a person familiar with the issues and experienced in international diplomacy, including in several senior positions with the United Nations.

He says he's worried by the risk of unintentional conflict especially between China and Japan in the East China Sea.

Correspondent: Karon Snowdon

Speaker: Lord Michael Williams, head of Asia program at Chatham House, and former senior UN diplomat


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