Researcher warns against 'Pakistanisation' of Indonesia | Connect Asia

Researcher warns against 'Pakistanisation' of Indonesia

Researcher warns against 'Pakistanisation' of Indonesia

Updated 14 November 2012, 15:39 AEDT

The Human Rights Chief of the United Nations has condemned violence and discrimination against Christians and Muslim minorities in Indonesia.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said she had met with leaders of Christian communities as well as the Islamic minority, Shiite and Ahmadiyah sects - all of which have been targeted by hardliners in recent years.

She warned Indonesia risked losing its culture of diversity and tolerance if firm action is not taken to address this increasing levels of violence and hatred towards minorities.

Aziz Bhatti is a researcher at the University of Melbourne and is giving a presentation, addressing this issue, called - "The Pakistanization of Indonesia and its future implications for Australia".

Presenter: Del Irani

Speaker: Aziz Bhatti, researcher, University of Melbourne

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