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US undermines Doha outcome: Australian Greens

US undermines Doha outcome: Australian Greens

Updated 10 December 2012, 14:12 AEDT

A deal has been struck after much haggling to extend the life of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

Australia was joined by the 27-member European Union, and eight other industrialised nations in signing up for binding emissions cuts by 2020.

The treaty viewed as an important interim measure while an international agreement covering all emitters, is negotiated over the next few years.

But Kyoto has its critics as it covers only 15 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions.

The leader of the Australian Greens Christine Milne is among those who don't believe developed nations like Australia are doing nearly enough to stop global warming.

Presenter: Fran Kelly

Speaker: Christine Milne , leader Australian Greens


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