Veteran launches 'anti-nuclear' Hiroshima Exhibition | Connect Asia

Veteran launches 'anti-nuclear' Hiroshima Exhibition

Veteran launches 'anti-nuclear' Hiroshima Exhibition

Updated 9 October 2012, 17:04 AEDT

Former Australian government minister and veteran anti-nuclear campaigner, Tom Uren, has clear memories of the day when an atomic bomb exploded over Japan.

As a prisoner of war, he was in Nagasaki when the second nuclear bomb was dropped in 1945.

On Tuesday he'll launch an exhibition here in Melbourne called 'Hiroshima' - a travelling collection of atomic bomb artefacts, photographs and documents associated with the bomb sites of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Correspondent: Waleed Aly

Speakers: Tom Uren, veteran anti-nuclear campaigner

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