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Indian music fans embrace foreign acts

Updated 12 July 2013, 15:23 AEST

A renowned concert promoter believes India could be a 40-city touring nation for international music acts.

Test debutante restores Australia's cricket hopes

Updated 12 July 2013, 15:28 AEST

The 2000th player to play test cricket, Australia's Ashton Agar, has written himself into the record books.

Ashton Agar: Record-breaking cricket star on the rise

Updated 12 July 2013, 15:29 AEST

Australian cricket debutant Ashton Agar has put on a record breaking performance on day two of the opening Ashes Test at Trent Bridge.

China's star cellist Jian Wang

Updated 12 July 2013, 15:34 AEST

European classical music has a long history in China and the cellist Jian Wang is one of its stars.

Concern militants will seek revenge for Rohingya attacks

Updated 12 July 2013, 15:35 AEST

A post on the radical Islamic website Ar Rahmah Media Network claims that leaders from Myanmar's ethnic Rohingya community have been in Indonesia for talks with hardline groups about recruiting fighters and weapon supplies.

Australia offers aid boost for Myanmar's Rakhine state

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:38 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr has offered Australian support in efforts to end the Myanmar's long-running ethnic conflicts.

North, South Korea fail to reach deal on Kaesong

Updated 11 July 2013, 17:09 AEST

Talks aimed at reopening the jointly-run Kaesong industrial complex on the border between North and South Korea have ended without agreement.

Taiwan strikes free trade deal with NZ

Updated 11 July 2013, 17:10 AEST

Taiwan has signed a free trade agreement with New Zealand, its first such accord with a developed economy.

WHO emergency meeting on deadly 'Sars-like' virus

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:42 AEST

Concern of a global outbreak similar to the 2003 Sars epidemic prompted the World Health Organisation to convene an emergency committee meeting yesterday.

Accusations of slavery on Fiji-based fishing boat

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:42 AEST

A Cambodian man working for a fishing company in Fiji says he has spent two years working for no pay.

US 'cautiously' welcomes Egypt election plan

Updated 11 July 2013, 17:02 AEST

United States has cautiously welcomed a timeline proposed by Egypt's interim rulers for a new presidential election.

ASEAN makes little headway on South China sea dispute

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:58 AEST

For all its political star appeal, the annual gathering of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has made little headway on the South China Sea dispute and other regional conflicts.

Communication vital to keeping peace in outer space: UN

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:45 AEST

For more than 50 years, a United Nations committee has been addressing the issues surrounding international space relations and working to promote cooperation in space.

Suspected people smuggler facing Jakarta extradition hearing

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:59 AEST

An Indonesian court will decide today if the accused people smuggler, Sayed Abbas, can be extradited to Australia.

Child asylum seeker being held 'jail-like' setting

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:48 AEST

Australia's Children's Commissioner has criticised the continued detention of an 11 year old asylum seeker from Sri Lanka, She says the unaccompanied minor is being held, together with two teenage cousins, in "jail like" conditions at Pontville Detention centre near Hobart in the island state of Tasmania.

Sydney appoints dozens of international student aides

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:49 AEST

The City of Sydney has named 40 overseas students in its first International Student Leadership and Ambassador Program.

Chinese imports and export fall

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:50 AEST

Chinese officials have warned of a grim outlook for trade as the world's second largest economy registered a surprise fall in exports and imports in June.

Cricket: Coming to grips with the Ashes in Japan

Updated 11 July 2013, 16:51 AEST

The 2013 Ashes is off to a dramatic start with 14 wickets falling on day one at Trentbridge in the English city of Nottingham.

Carr urges Myanmar to 'properly protect' Rohingya minority

Updated 10 July 2013, 15:26 AEST

Australia has sharply criticised Myanmar's government, warning its treatment of the Rohingya minority is seriously harming the emerging democracy's international reputation.

More funding needed for humanitarian aid in Myanmar: ICRC

Updated 10 July 2013, 15:27 AEST

The International Committee of the Red Cross says it wants to more than double the funding for its relief effort in Myanmar.

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