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Relationship between Japan and China should be addressed

27 August 2007, 11:30 AEST

Former Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating has come out saying the Asia Pacific leaders summit must start to deal with the deteriorating relationship between Japan and China.

State of Islam 50 years after independence

27 August 2007, 11:30 AEST

Malaysians will be celebrating 50 years of Independence from Britain.

Gusmao offers Fretilin cabinet posts

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

East Timor's new Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao has offered the disgruntled former ruling party Fretilin several seats in his cabinet.

Aceh military chief calls for unity with GAM

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

The chief of the Indonesian military's regional command in Aceh, Major General Supiadin, says former rebels of the Free Aceh Movement, or GAM, are no longer the enemy of the Indonesian Defence Force.

Nawaz Sharif to return in two weeks

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

The Supreme Court has ruled that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can return home after seven years in exile.

WHO issues warning on infectious diseases

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

The World Health Organisation's annual report says diseases like avian flu are as much of a threat to national and regional security as terrorism, and require the same internationally co-ordinated response.

Tests conducted on Chinese garments

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has begun testing Chinese-made clothing for dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

Extra-judicial killings to be investigated

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

Following the endorsement of a new constitution and in the lead up to fresh elections, a prominent Thai politician has been appointed to a commission to investigate thousands of extra-judicial killings during Thaksin Shinawatra's so called war on drugs.

Analysts wary of US response to China

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

A survey of Asia Pacific security experts has found the rise of China is the central issue for Asia, but the greatest concern is about the future role of the United States.

Feral pigs damage crops

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

It's believed there are more than 20 million feral pigs in Australia.

Economy showing possible signs of overheating

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

Vietnam's economy could be showing signs of overheating as official figures show inflation on the rise.

Straits Times adopts 'shoot and share'

24 August 2007, 9:53 AEST

Singapore's Straits Times newspaper has celebrated the first birthday of its online portal with the news that it's had more than 70 million page views.

Call for more action on Burma

23 August 2007, 12:07 AEST

Southeast Asian lawmakers say China and India must help realise political reforms in Burma.

Activists arrested after protest march

23 August 2007, 12:01 AEST

In Burma, a rare protest march has been held, in response to a dramatic rise in petrol prices over the past week.

Foreign minister defends uranium exports

23 August 2007, 9:57 AEST

The Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer has defended Australia's new agreement to export uranium to India.

Navy fires on 'illegal' foreign fishing boat

23 August 2007, 9:57 AEST

The Australian navy has fired on a foreign fishing boat in the northern waters of Australia.

More arrests over petrol price protests

23 August 2007, 9:57 AEST

Another protest has been staged by pro-democracy activists in Burma, amid mounting public anger over rising petrol prices.

New claims about Munir conspiracy

23 August 2007, 9:57 AEST

A court in Indonesia has heard claims that the country's Attorney General and Supreme Court Chief Justice are part of a conspiracy to avoid revealing the truth about the murder of a prominent human rights campaigner, Munir.

Universities wary after plagiarism cases

23 August 2007, 9:57 AEST

The University of New England, in the Australian state of New South Wales, is reeling from a major controversy over the extent of plagiarism by international students.

Beijing's population tops 17 million

23 August 2007, 9:57 AEST

China's Ministry of Public Security says the population of Beijing now exceeds 17 million.

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