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Enjoy our archive of Innovations - a showcase of Australian design, discovery, invention, engineering and research skills presented  by Desley Blanch.


common chemical offers more storage

Common chemical stores more energy

Updated 12 July 2013, 16:39 AEST

A common chemical in milk and toothpaste suggests more efficient energy storage devices

successful seagrass transplant

Seagrass transplant

11 July 2013, 11:15 AEST

The successful transplanting of seagrasses to arrest their decline in the world's oceans

Car-to-car communication

Car-to-car communication

Updated 30 May 2013, 15:38 AEST

Cars that talk to each other to make driving safer but will drivers be overwhelmed with all the chatter?

Printing flexible solar panels

Printing flexible solar panels

Updated 30 May 2013, 15:44 AEST

A whole new world opens up as a way is found to print lightweight solar panels using existing printing technologies

Cleaning up ultrasound probes

Cleaning up ultrasound probes

Updated 30 May 2013, 11:06 AEST

Standard cleaning procedures for ultrasound probes do not completely remove bacteria from the devices posing risks of cross-infection

Clunies Ross winners - TB group

Tuberculosis diagnosis in animals and humans

Updated 21 May 2013, 9:31 AEST

ATSE Clunies Ross awards celebrate innovation in technology

Robin Huang, Donald Zhang, Andrew Chen

Diabetes management app

Updated 16 May 2013, 15:08 AEST

BlueClover is a mobile phone app which does away with manual record-keeping for diabetics

Barley researchers_Stewart Coventry, Amanda Box, Jason Eglinton

New barley makes beer stay fresher for longer

Updated 16 May 2013, 13:59 AEST

Modified barley grown in South Australia will extend the shelf-life of beer

Rachel Mann examines with dish

New test for fire blight disease

Updated 2 May 2013, 14:16 AEST

Going global - a far more accurate test for the devastating horticultural disease that affects apple and pear industries 

photo-ageing software helps persuade young people to stop smoking

Face-ageing software encourages young smokers to quit

2 May 2013, 13:21 AEST

The importance of personal appearance at an older age is persuading some young adult smokers to quit

John Kelly holds new blood test device

Fast blood test for a range of diseases

2 May 2013, 13:20 AEST

The first integrated rapid blood test for use away from a laboratory

Infograph for broadband-connected homes

New age for Apps

Updated 18 April 2013, 16:03 AEST

How a broadband-connected home might look with new ways to access health, energy, education and more

Public transport chair for the wheelchair-bound

Public transport chair for the wheelchair-bound

18 April 2013, 12:11 AEST

A coach seat mechanism to give the wheelchair-bound access to public transport 

OK contact lens

Contact lens worn overnight restores up-close vision

18 April 2013, 12:10 AEST

New technique shows promise in restoring near vision without glasses

Researchers who made optic fibres faster

Fibre optic cables to get better

Updated 8 April 2013, 10:47 AEST

All of the world’s internet traffic will suddenly get a whole lot faster

TB Research Group Centenary Institute

The fight steps up against tuberculosis

Updated 4 April 2013, 14:21 AEDT

An initiative to stop the spread and impact of tuberculosis in Asia and the Pacific has now opened in Sydney

Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease

Tasmanian devil cancer's hope for vaccine against facial tumours

4 April 2013, 12:55 AEDT

Cracked: a key mystery surrounding the cancer which is pushing Tasmanian devils to extinction 

Prof David Sinclair and Dr Joseph Baur

New class of anti-ageing drugs

Updated 21 March 2013, 13:38 AEDT

A remarkable discovery that may change the way we think about ageing—forever

Ni-Ti nanorwire composite comparison

Shape-shifting nanomaterial

Updated 25 March 2013, 13:29 AEDT

A new super-strong nanowire composite material that will find its way into applications ranging from dental braces, to mobile phones, to cables

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